Southern States Wrestling Network is here

Southern States Wrestling Network is here
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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Check out my podcast if you have not already

Two new episodes of my podcast dropped recently click the link

Episode 20 - It Takes all Kinds On this episode I share some crazy stories of over 3 decades in wrestling. What happens when the building you are wrestling in catches on fire? How do you lose the tip of your finger in the dressing room? How do you lose part of your tongue in a wrestling match? Where is the worst bathrooms? What towns will I not go back to? All of this and more! 

Episode 21 - The Rabbit On this episode I talk my return to the ring and future as a wrestler. I recap my weekend with Ray Wylie Hubbard. I get my old date book out and we take a deep dive into my month that was May 1996.

Watch World Fighting Showcase

Watch World Fighting Showcase every Saturday moring 6am on The Two Virginia's CW out of Bluefield,WV and or 11am on Tri-Cities CW out of Bristol. You also can watch WFS matches on their Youtube Channel Here is one of my matches that recently aired vs. Crash Cassidy

New Episodes of Appalachian Mountain Wrestling are back!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Knoxville Classic Ronnie Garvin vs. Bob Armstrong Feb. 13, 1977

From The Southern States Wrestling Network as a part of 1970s East Tennessee Films Ronnie Garvin vs. Bob Armstrong Feb. 13, 1977 Finals of The Cadillac Tournament at The Knoxville, TN Civic Coliseum. This is just a preview of of some of the classic action you can see from the films.  Stream the Rare 1970s Knoxville Films now over an hour of classic clips from the arena thought to have been lost for ever. 

The films are also a part of the Knoxville DVD set on the right hand side of the page. 

Now on The Southern States Wrestling Network

Here are just a few of the great events that have been added to the S.S.W. Network over the last several months. The Network is only $4.99 a month. NEW subscribers start your FREE 7 day trial now The Southern States Wrestling Network 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Newest Patreon Podcast is up & a preview

You can listen to my podcast by subscribing here

Episode 7 - Updates, Cutting Hair, and Climbing Trees
We have made it half way through 2020 and I'm back on schedule (I hope). During this episode I will give you updates on my parents. Tell you what's new on The S.S.W. Network and our YouTube channels. Then we go back 7 years for a great interview with "The Beauty" Terry "Garvin" Simms. As he talks Memphis, World Class, Continental, USWA, The Von Erichs, Adrian Street, and much more. Bobby Simmons and Jerry Oats are in on the interview also.

Preview of Episode 1
Here is just one of many stories told on the first episode as I was talking about Outlaw Wrestling in East Tennessee 30 years ago.