S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Newest Patreon Podcast is up & a preview

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Episode 7 - Updates, Cutting Hair, and Climbing Trees
We have made it half way through 2020 and I'm back on schedule (I hope). During this episode I will give you updates on my parents. Tell you what's new on The S.S.W. Network and our YouTube channels. Then we go back 7 years for a great interview with "The Beauty" Terry "Garvin" Simms. As he talks Memphis, World Class, Continental, USWA, The Von Erichs, Adrian Street, and much more. Bobby Simmons and Jerry Oats are in on the interview also.

Preview of Episode 1
Here is just one of many stories told on the first episode as I was talking about Outlaw Wrestling in East Tennessee 30 years ago.

Recent Best of Southern States Wrestling Episodes

AMW 200

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling hit the mile stone of 200 episodes of TV last week. I have been with AMW since the planning stages of the promotion. Very proud to have been a small part of the last 200 weeks of TV.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Best of Southern States Wrestling Episode 1

The Southern States Wrestling Network presents The Best of S.S.W. episode 1 hosted by Beau James. Featuring Scott Sterling vs. Justin St. John from Fall Branch, TN May 5, 1995 and Bull Pain w/ Scotty Ace vs. Todd Morton from May 2001 in Kingsport, TN. Plus a look at The Mark Curtis Memorial 2001

My Newest Patreon Podcast

King of Kingsport Patreon Episode 6 - Mailbag

For nearly 90 minutes I answer questions from the listeners including stories on riots, Buddy Landel fighting fans, Pez Whatley and The Junkyard Dog's TV viewing, English Wrestlers wrestling for S.S.W. , unknown territories, Plan B video, and more. Also some thoughts on recent events and Waylon makes his podcast debut.

My Patreon Podcast is only $2.99 a month check it out here https://www.patreon.com/kingofkingsport

More Podcast with Me As A Guest

Here is are some recent Podcast that had me on as a Guest 

Memphis Memories with Randy Hales Episode 75

We continue the Most Memorable Moments of Studio Wrestling as we focus on Power Pro Wrestling Most Memorable Moments and the True, No-Holds Barred story of the WWE's First Developmental Territory.  Beau James talks about the wildest PPW Show ever on Labor Day Weekend 1998.  Derrick King, a PPW Mainstrean from day one joins us for three hours.   We talk Lawler. Dundee, Idol, Jackie,Brian Christopher, Jim Cornette, Freebird Michael Hayes, Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Valiant, Brandon Baxter and many more.  The most in depth coverage of PPW Ever.  Beau, Derrick and Randy do the most emotional close ever in the history of the Memphis Memories Podcast.

Shooting the Shiznit with Brian Tramel Episode 327

Beau James joins Brian Tramel for a new episode of “Shootin’ The Shiznit.” On Episode 327, Beau joins BT for the the 3rd annual “Memphis in May” series by talking about carny, growing up as a fan, getting into the business, Power Pro, payoff heat, Buddy Wayne, Jimmy Valiant, Tony Williams, Alan Steel, Derrick King, Brandon Baxter and more ! 

Exile on Badstreet #68: Memphis Mayhem 5-8/84 w/ Beau James

Kris Zellner is joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to talk about the Memphis wrestling scene during the Summer of 1984. We talk about all the Mid-South Coliseum cards during the months of May-August, as well as all the big matches and angles that took place during those months. Beau gives us the rundown on why Bart Batten had to change his name to Mark and dye his hair blonde, the real story behind Randy Savage's issues with Bill Dundee, the death of the New Fabulous Ones, King Kong Bundy breaking a ring at a spot show, and so much more.

This show—and the rest of the Memphis Mayhem series—is dedicated in the memory of Scott Bowden.

Between The Sheets Ep. #252: May 27-June 2, 1985 with Beau James

Kris & David are joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to discuss the week that was May 27-June 2, 1985. We talk about the state of the Wrestling Observer, including Dave Meltzer's thoughts on the business at the time as well as an update on how his then-shoot job was affecting his schedule. We also talk about the comings and goings in the AWA, Magnum T.A. being gifted a suit by Ric Flair on World Championship Wrestling, the Garvins heading to Montreal, Mr. Kareem Muhammad taking over over “The Jerry Lawler Show,” big time moves in Mid-South including a Superdome show with Muhammad Ali in The Snowman’s corner, World Class running in Massachusetts, Shawn Michaels coming home to San Antonio, St. Louis wrestling being in trouble, the WWF & NBC having some minor issues, and tons more. A tremendous show, so listen now!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Beau Knows Wrestling - Bristol Herald Courier Story

Thanks to Allen Gregory for the story on me in Saturday's Bristol Herald Courier Newspaper.

Read the story here Beau Knows Wrestling

I have started a Patreon Podcast

I have started a Patreon Podcast where I'm sharing stories of my life in pro wrestling. I do two podcast a month. Below you will see the info on my first 3 episodes. Episode number 4 will be out this week. I will be doing my first mailbag episode in the month of May where I answer questions from my listeners.

The patreon is only $2.99 a month. Join and listen by clicking here https://www.patreon.com/kingofkingsport

Episode 1 - The Birth of Southern States Wrestling

In my first patreon podcast we take a look back to what the East Tennessee Independent (outlaw) Wrestling scene was like in the late 80s and early 90s. The differences between the Knoxville area and The Tri Cities. How thing were ran, promoted, and presented.

My experiences with the Pro Wrestling Association and just how bad things could get. The idea of running an event sparks the birth of a promotion. Who was there to help? Who double crossed us? Who do I still 29 years later refuse to have anything to do with? Who has stuck with me for this long strange trip?

The work that went into the first event in probably the worst arena in the country. How that night changed my life for ever. I'm going to take you through the highs and lows of my earliest days in Pro Wrestling.

Episode 2 - Did I Miss Anything?

One this edition I talk about growing up in Pro Wrestling and how it effected my personal and professional life as an adult. I have a few follow up stories from episode 1 covering Jimmy McKeeian, The Tennessee Warrior, and The Longrider. We also talk how jealousy lead to two fist fights and a third fight I still don't know why it happened 30 years later.

Episode 3 - The Gambler

How is living the life of a wrestler like being a Gambler? On this episode I take you through three of the craziest days in my career. My friend Scotty McKeever was right there with me for them . Find out what happens when the police are called to save a promoter in North Carolina. A year and and half later in Ohio the police once again have to get involved and this time it's much different. What happened when Scotty and I wrestled Aladdin the Genie in a small Utah town? Plus stories on Wahoo McDaniel, Chris Walker, and Scott Sterling.

Podcast with me as a guest

Here are a few Podcast that I was a guest on from the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

Scott Bowden's KFR Podcast Vol. 2, Ep. 4: Kings of the Road (with Beau James)
Armed with his trusty King Lawler BabyFace™ Antiviral Mask, Scott Bowden hits the road to Kingsport, Tenn., for a Humongous discussion with area King Beau James. Bowden and James discuss the origins of the Road Warrior Humongous gimmick in Memphis, originating in the mind of Jerry Lawler as Hawk and Animal’s post-apocalyptic pal as the unofficial third member of the treacherous trio, gimmicks based on the “Mad Max” films. Bowden reveals his thoughts on the gimmick as a young fan as well as his interactions years later with the man originally under the hockey mask: his high-school football coach, Mike “the Mule” Stark, a former Memphis State gridiron great and late ’70s-era Memphis grappler. Bowden and James share their knowledge of how the gimmick made its way—sans Stark—to Continental and Ron Fuller’s Stud Stable and how the role was recast. Bowden and James also reminisce about the rib they pulled in Memphis on a USWA hopeful that left one would-be grappler stark naked—and still seething about it years later. All this and more on a Humongous, pandemic-pleasing episode of the KFR Podcast, Vol. 2. Special thanks to Great Scott’s Art Studio for the extra-crispy KFR Bucket in all its glory.

listen KFR with Beau James

This is Scott's last podcast as he unexpectedly passed away last week.

Mark Coale's Winter Place Pod Cast
First off, condolences to the friends and family of Scott Bowden, who died earlier this week.  We had been talking to Scott the last couple weeks about returning to the podcast to talk Memphis wrestling and even were Tweeting with him a few days ago.

     On the show we are finally to nabbed The King of Kingsport Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to be on the show.  We start by remembering Scott, as Beau had just done his Kentucky Fried Rasslin’ podcast not that long ago.  As one of the foremost experts on East Tennessee wrestling, we pick Beau’s brain on all things about the Knoxville/Southeastern/Continental/USA territory, so plenty of stories about Ron and Don Wright, Whitey Caldwell, Les Thatcher, Ron and Robert Fuller,, Jimmy Golden, Ron Garvin and many more folks.  We also talk about Memphis, including the angle (see below) when Robert Fuller brought back Nick Gulas to do an angle about the control of the promotion.  There’s way too many stories to listen here, including Beau’s long friendships with Buddy Landell and Jimmy Valiant, starting in the business at 16 years old, indy wrestling horror stories and so much more. Easily one of my favorites podcasts, as Beau is a master storyteller.

listen Winter Place Podcast w/ Beau James

Randy Hales' Memphis Memories Podcast
Packed Memphis Memories Show this week as Beau James returns to co-host,

We discuss the recent passing of Scott Bowden, we return to the series on Studio Wrestling Most Memorable Moments including early Lawler vs Dundee, Terry Funk calling Jim Cornette a sissy, The Jimmy Hart Era, The Dream Machine, The Greatness of Lance and Dave, Joe Leduc Cutting his arm with a AX, Kimala Debut on TV, Dundee vs Lawler Loser Leaves Town Hype Show, Tojo Painted Yellow, Landel and Dundee beats up referee Jeff Jarrett and Lawler Returns, Randy Savage Debuts in Studio, Monday Night Memories Hype Show and the return of Lance Russell, SMW Invades USWA, Jeff Jarrett Returns In a Box and More Memories,

Randy talks to Beau about the very last Power Pro Show and tells the true story for the first time why Power Pro went away with details on last show.

This is a cant miss show!

listen Memphis Memories with Beau James

Latest S.S.W. episodes and AMW special on Me

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March S.S.W. episodes

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Updates and how to watch S.S.W.

OK the holidays are over and it's back to work. 2020 is looking to be a very busy year. As I have bookings already into the Fall. I will do my best to keep my site updated to let you know where all I will be. My first event of the year is this Saturday in Stickleyville, VA at The Community Center for Championship Wrestling.

I will be wrestling in Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia in the few months.

Update on how to watch free weekly S.S.W. Episodes and what's new on the Southern States Wrestling Network.

After two weeks off for the holidays we returned last Thursday night with a new episode. You can watch it below right here on my page. New episodes drop late Thursday/early Friday. Each week we feature news on upcoming events, whats new on the S.S.W. Network and wrestling action from around our part of the world.

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On New year's Eve we finished out the year on the Network by uploading Christmas Night Star Wars 2000. You can now relive all the major events and matches from 1996, 1999, and 2000.

Last week we start reliving one of the wildest years in SSW history 2001. Up first was the Sunday TV Special from January 2001 plus two never-before-seen dark matches from that taping.

That's not all! Coming this month to the Network is Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2019 and Christmas Night Star Wars 2019. Plus two other great recent events.

February is our Anniversary month. We will continue along with 2001 and 1997. Our 5th and 10th Anniversary Spectaculars will also be featured.

Southern States Wrestling Network features videos from our vast video library of 29 years. We also host videos from several other promotions from the 1990s till now.

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