S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Racine WV this Saturday.

I make my way to Racine WV tis Saturday for the first time in over 10 years. 

Reminder about my books.

Here are a few recent Book reviews from email and amazon. Both of my books are always on sale here and amazon.com. If you would like a signed copy from me and Misty they are right here at the right hand side of this page. My books are also on Kindle by Amazon. If you have read my books please let us know what you thought of them. Thank you for your support on my first two books. Book 3 and 4 are being worked on now.


Just a quick note to say Thank You. I have just read both of your books and drawn much inspiration and strength from your stories and convictions. I don't want to take up to much of your time. So I'll close by simply stating Thank You again. It came at a time when it was greatly needed.



Lots of fun...wrestling and the road.
Format: Kindle Edition

Great read. Stories of wrestling and the road. You will feel like you are in the car with the wrestlers as they travel to some unbelievable places. Get this book and join Beau and some of the legends of wrestling. You will be glad you did.


A good read
Jason Van Leeron
Format: Kindle Edition
This is an interesting story of the small towns that form the backbone of the independent pro wrestling scene. It is well worth the read!

A Roller Coaster Ride in Professional Wrestling!
Brian Westcotton
Format: Paperback
This was an incredible roller coaster ride! Beau James has been involved in professional wrestling ever since he was a teenager. It is the only life he has ever known. This book will inform, entertain, make you laugh, make you cry, make you shake your head and wonder why people would get involved in the first place, etc.

wRESTle in Peace Cora Combs, Buddy Landel, and Roddy Piper

Cora Combs was not just a legend in Tennessee Wrestling she was a pioneer for the sport. She was headlining cards and traveling the worldat a time women were told "you can't do that". She showed them you can. From her humble beginnings in Combs, KY (Hazard area) she would travel the world wrestling in Cuba, Fiji, Africa, and many other spots around the world. Including being the first "Main Event" girl in the Kingsport territory in the 50s and 60s. 

I met Cora when I was just a teenager and her and daughter Debbie have been a special part of my life. I was honored to be a pallbearer for Miss Cora. She is a big part of my upcoming book about Kingsport Wrestling history. Until we meet again wRESTle in Peace Miss Cora

This one hit home hard. I have known Buddy Landel most of my life. I lived, travel, teamed and wrestled him for years. This picture was taken in the late 90s when I was around Buddy every day. He could make you madder than anyone but in 10 minutes it was over and forgotten lol. Buddy was Buddy as Tracy Smothers says. God Bless his wife Donna and family. So long for now Budhole wRESTle in Peace.

The only wrestling picture I ever knew to hang in Buddy's house. Taken after he pinned Ric Flair in Raleigh NC summer 1985. 

The Southern States Wrestling crew and fans paying tribute to Buddy and Cora with a 10 bell Salute. Below is the SSW TV paying tribute to these two wrestling greats.  

Roddy Piper is the only person in pro wrestling I did not meet or get to compete with that I wanted to. I missed him a couple of times over the years by minutes. If all you know of him is his WWE and WCW work do yourself a favor and look him up from L.A., San Francisco, Portland, Georgia, and Mid Atlantic. 

This is the Piper I will remember from Mid Atlantic wrestling. I saw him live many times including his run with Greg Valentine. Thanks for the memories "Hot Rod" wRESTle in Peace. 

Pictorial Update for July 2015

Sorry for lack of updates in July as it was a very busy month for Misty and I. Our travels in July took us to Ashland, Martin, and Hazard KY, Lafayette and Atlanta GA, Bradshaw, Princeton and Welch WV, and Dublin VA. Plus local events.  Here is a few pictures from our month. Thanks to Ken Cantrell, Donnie Brannen, and Kim Woodyard for the pictures.
Misty and I on the way to the ring July 4th belltime 1pm

choking one of my favorite foes over the years "Fantastic" Bobby Fulton

Boom Boom out go the lights. Getting ready to punch Bobby as he tries to spank Misty with my whip

On the way to the rin in Martin KY July 4th belltime 7pm

doing a little dental work on Bobby Fulton

Bobby worries about Misty to much and it does not work out for him very well

vs. Earl Fields in Hazard KY on July 8th I have watched Earl grow up and I'm very proud of the wrestler and man he has become

Misty dancing in the Funfest Parade with her friends July 10 Kingsport, TN

Southern States Wrestling's Summer Bash at The Appalachian Fair Grounds Gary, TN July 11

Iron Cross giving a message after the matches in Gray over 20 people gave their hearts to The Lord that night. 

Great birthday (July 17) present going to see the Cubs in Atlanta July 18. Misty's first time seeing the Cubs live. It was a Cubs day. Thanks to our wonderful friend Bobby Simmons for the hook on the tickets

Wrestling for a great group of people in Princeton WV July 22. What do you do when the ref no shows? Put your 12 year old nephew in there. I would in no way do that at a regular wrestling event but was glad he was there for this experience. 

Misty refing Eric St. Clair vs. Krunch at Bradshaw Mountain Community Church in Paynesville WV July 24

me giving a message based on David and Goliath after the matches on Bradshaw Mountain

teaching my nephew Tyler some Appalachian history in Welch WV before lunch July 25. This is the sight where Sid Hatfield was shot down. I talk about him and being here in my second book.

After getting to the New River Valley Fair at 2:30pm so Misty could do a meet and greet I went to the ring at 8:30. That is the earliest I have been to an event in 20 years. I teamed with Drake Tungston to face Jimmy Valiant and Ricky Morton. July 25

It never gets old wrestling these two. I have wrestled and teamed with both many times over the years.  The ref is Patric Purdue one of the best out there.