Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This Week's AMW TV April 11 and upcoming events.

Big week in AMW coming off the Historic DVD Taping last week.

April 11 TV

East Kentucky Radio interviews this week

Tomorrow April 12 tune into these radio stations to hear from AMW Superstars.
At 10:30am, Sports Talk on 97.3 WJSN-FM out of Breathitt County to hear from Kyle Maggard, Beau James and the Progressive Liberal Daniel Richards

At 10am, Dial and Deal on 107.9 WWAG-FM out of McKee and Jackson County to hear from Jackson County's own Nick Vickers and Phil Phair

Both radio shows will be discussing the big AMW events in their respective areas

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling March 21- April 4 2017

Got a few weeks behind posting these here due to my travel. So here they are so you can catch up.

March 21 TV

March 28 TV

April 4 TV

Monday, March 20, 2017

This Week March 19-26 in History for The Kingsport Territory

I love the feed back we are getting from our 1960s Kingsport History Book. Kingsport has a great wrestling history and that's why I'm working so hard to make sure it's preserved and told correctly. My 1960s book is always on sale right here on my page and also on Amazon and Kindle.

Here is just a look at some of the cards in the area promoted by the Kingsport Territroy (1946-1974). I will be doing these This week in History post from time to time. If you want the complete 60s History of Kingsport The Book is on the right hand side of the page.  More books are in the works.

Matches were march 19, 1963. Lester Welch and George Grant take over the Kingsport Operation from Mickey Baarnes. Jack Long was Harley Race






East Kentucky upcoming events and AMW TV

Here is the most recent episode of Appalachian Mountain Wrestling TV. Remember new episodes are on line every Tues. Night

I debut for a brand new promotions in Morehead Ky on Tues. April 4

All roads lead to Chavies KY on April 6th. Hardwired is the name of the event. Is this the end of mine and Clinton Stacey's rivalry?

AMW returns April 8th to Hindman KY

AMW also returns to Jackson KY on April 13 to help the Peggy Moore Foundation

International All Star Wrestling News- Free TV Taping this Saturday

IACW TV Taping Saturday March 25th 10:30 AM.. FREE Admission!!.... The Place: 16562 Highway 58 South, Decatur TN....Come see Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ronnie Garvin and Joe Cazana on color. Legendary manager Izzy Slapawitz, The Machine, Jerry "The Arrogance of Excellence" Sampson," Exciting New Sensation Kadeem Cook, Tom "The Bomb" Pitner, Tag team contenders Stan "The Man" and along with his partner Steven (Cadillac Cowboy) Burns, Beau James, The Rocky Top Rocker, Andrew Howard, Ron Sexton, IACW Southern Woman's Champion the sensational Misty James Plus many, many more. Don't miss this sure to be exciting FREE television taping!

Here are the last few IACW TVs enjoy