Thursday, July 3, 2014

Upcoming Events

I have a blog below about Brian Overbay wRESTle in Peace 1972-1014

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July. Please don't drink and drive. Misty and I will spend our 4th wrestling for the troops on a military base. We always enjoy these events.

July the 5th 2pm we will be wrestling in Ashland, KY at the big Summer Motion Festival. Meet and greet at 1pm Mick Foley and Jim Cornette will be there.

July means 2 things my birthday and Funfest week in Kingsport. Southern States Wrestling has three events in the area Funfest week. We hope to see you ringside. I make my return to the SSW Ring!

Wrestling, games, food, music, and fireworks all FREE!!!

Wrestling with a message - Suggested donation $8 and $5 no one will be turned away

Come celebrate my Birthday with us a day early. Wrestling under the Stars

Remebering Brian Overbay 1972-2014

I told a wrestling friend about 2 months ago we are surrounded by death and is getting ready to come in waves. The last few weeks the waves have started.

Wrestling is hard life at times. I was told when I first started in wrestling that it was not only my job but my duty to be gone away from home more than I would at home. If there was ever a time I wanted to do something other that wrestling related activities then I need to get out.

Wrestling is not only a job it's a way of life. I have missed sister's weddings, family reunions, niece's and nephew's ball games and school activities. All because I was booked. I have always went by the rule that it is not only my responsibility to carry on what was past to me but pass it along to anyone I helped get started in wrestling.

I was also told and have come to see if you are involved in wrestling people stay in touch , but when you are out or on the side lines the phone stops ringing and the emails are all spam. That is a hard reality to grasp at times. Is it right? Probably not but that is the way it is.

Last week we laid to rest a guy that I knew of way before I knew him. I played baseball against him. I saw him ringside growing up at Mid Atlantic and Continental Wrestling. I was introduced to Brian Overbay when I was around 20 years old. We became friends fast. We liked the same sports teams and grew up on the same wrestling.

I was reminded and told by Brian's Mom, cousins, and uncles at his service that he loved me like a brother. I was told that the happiest time of his life was his short wrestling career. Brian and I butted heads a lot about wrestling. Unlike me Brian did not like the road. He wanted to wrestle a small schedule close to home. We would argue about what towns he was going to make almost every week.

Over his 3 1/2 years in wrestling Brian made limited road trips (200 plus miles) with me but everyone is memorable for one reason or another. I did like traveling with him when he would get out and go because when it was over like me he wanted to get in the car and get home. No stopping or spending money.

Brian was liked a lot by the fans who came to the matches. I always pushed him to do more. See more of the country. I suggested the same with his music because he was very talented in playing anything with strings.

Over the last several years I did not keep up with Brian like I should. Life on the road and many changes in my life have changed a lot things the last few years. Like I said before it's a hard to grasp reality. If your in people stay in touch. Out not so much. I sat there at his service thinking about how I did not make the effort to stay in touch like I should. I did not stop by his house like I should. I did not call like I should. He made me madder than anyone else I could ever think of at times. But that was because he was closer to me than just about anyone over the years.

I was so happy to hear that on Mother's Day he called his Mom to tell her he had made everything right with our Lord. That gives me great joy and confront knowing I will see him on the other side and I will be able to make up for lost time.

The last time I saw Brian was right before my surgery. I ran into him while I was out promoting the TNA Wrestling event in Bristol. Brian did not look good and told me he had been sick. I hand no idea how bad it was. I should have took more time and asked. I have had a rough time dealing with this the last few days. I'm sad he is gone and mad at myself for lost time and chances.

I pray that you add Brian's family to your prayers. I can not imagine what it is like losing a child. I have added a couple videos below of the two matches Brian talked about the most. I'm glad I was able to help him enjoy some happiness in his short life.

So long Brian till we meet again

Beau James

Thursday, May 8, 2014

BIG 2nd Annual Sale - SSW News - James Duo News - More!

2nd Annual Memorial Day Sale read more about it Below

SSW returns to Gray to help the Community Center and Gray Food Bank, Friday May 16. This will be an SSW Power Half Hour TV Taping as we"ll be taping 4 weeks of TV. Seating is limited studio style seating. So please get there early. Doors open at 7:00 PM and Bell Time is 8:00 PM Sharp. We ask that everyone who is attending to please bring a canned food item for the Food Bank.

News from The Dynamic James Wrestling Duo. 

* We celebrated Jimmy Valiant's 50 Years in Wrestling with him over the weekend in Elkins NC and his Home and Camp in Shawsville, VA. Ronnie Garvin and Ric McCord were also there Sunday in Shawsville. We had a great weekend. 

* We are very excited to not only now be members to the Cauliflower Alley Club but to be attending the convention this year to receive an Award from many of our heroes in Las Vegas. 

* May is full and June almost. We are taking bookings for July and beyond now so any promoters out there wanting to use us on your events send me and email at "Have Boots Will Travel, If the Price is Right We Will Be There Tonight"

* The VLOG will be returning this week as will "Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid? Radio"

* I will be running the SSW Summer Training Camp this summer. If you are interested in training email me 

2nd Annual Memorial Day Sale is Under Way

Last year's sale was a big hit so we have decide to do a bigger and better one this year. The sale will end midnight Memorial Day. 

Sale #1 is great for any and all SSW Fan. For only $40 you can pick out any 5 SSW DVDs and will also get a grab bag of 5 8x10s of past and current SSW Stars. Buy now top left hand side of this page.

Sale #2 is the same sale that I ran last year both of my books at one low price. You will get "Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid?" and "It Takes All Kinds" for the low low price of $35 both books signed by Misty and I. Please note who to sign to. Buy now right hand side of the page

Sale #3 The Main Event Package Both of my Books, The Companion DVDs, and a signed picture of Me, and a signed picture of Misty. Only $50

These DVDs have not been offered since the release of each book.

DVD 1 follows along chapter by chapter with "Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid?". See many of the matches, interviews, and people I write about. 

DVD 2 follows me and Misty on the road for a month. See how we travel, how we survive on the road, the people we come across out there. Look through the eyes of a wrestler as we go town to town. Many funny moments. We travel to Ga, KY, PA, MD, and several other states. Co starting Jimmy Valiant, Tracy Smothers, Kacee Carlise, Jessie Belle, Jerry Lynn, and more!

Also you will get a signed picture of me and a signed picture of Misty. Buy Now at the right hand side of the page

Monday, March 31, 2014

SSW returns to Kingsport this Friday April 4th

Southern States Wrestling returns to Kingsport this Friday with a BIG night of Wrestling. Save $3 on ringside tickets by buying them on the top right hand side of this blog. Three Title Matches and a the Grudge Match of the Year headlines this card.

Here is the event poster and below it this week's SSW TV recapping events going into Friday Night.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

3 New SSW DVDS and some news

* 3 Brand New SSW DVDs just released only $12 each look below and buy on the left hand side of the page. Don't forget the Rock n Roll Express 30 Years of Rockin' DVD is also on the left hand side of the page. It's The SSW Fall Spectacular '13

* Coming this week SSW 22nd Anniversary Event from last year, A Night To Remember 1999 our First Hall of Fame Event, SSW Hall of Fame 2001 and 2003 events. 

* We have in the works a special 23rd Anniversary DVD coming later this spring with classic clips and interviews with many stars looking back at their time in SSW.

* Thanks to everyone that came out to the TV Taping Friday. We are looking forward to our Homecoming Tour April - June this year. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Southern States Wrestling TV 2.16.14

Very Special TV This Week as we look back at the first 23 years of SSW

Don't forget FREE ADMISSION To our TV Taping this Friday Feb. 21 at North Kingsport Community Center 284 East Carters Valley Rd bell time 7:30 PM limited seating doors open at 7 PM

Very special classic SSW DVDs to be added to the left hand side of this page this week. Keep checking back.

Friday, February 14, 2014

News on SSW and This Week's TV

*All DVD and book orders from this site have been processed and are on their way to you the buyers. Sorry for delay I am just now getting back into a normal routine since the surgery.

*I will be adding some new SSW DVDs this weekend and some classic events from 90s and 00s to the site as well. Keep checking back.

*This Sunday marks our 23rd Anniversary at SSW. We will be airing a special TV program this week. If you live in the area our normal Sunday Night 7:30pm program will be on the air and we will be adding a special 60 minute edition of the program right here on this site. As we take a look back at a lot of great moments in SSW History.

*SSW will be holding a FREE TV taping FRiday Feb. 21 7:30 PM at The North Kingsport Community Center located at 284 East Carters Valley RD. Limited seating applies with first come first served. Doors open at 7PM. Once the Chairs are full that's is all the Fire Marshall is allowing in the building so get there early. Bring your own snacks and drinks NO ALCOHOL!

*Mark these dates down now April 4th Kingsport TN Boys Club and April 11th National Guard Armory in Rogersville. More dates to be announced next week.

* I will be on TV this week for the first time since my injury. I will be answering questions from SSW fans that Dakota Booth gathered and giving an update on my recovery.

Until Sunday. Stay warm and enjoy the snow