S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The book every wrestling fan needs - Buy it today

Buy my book now for only $30. Each booked signed by Beau and Misty James, it also comes with signed pictures of Beau and Misty, and a DVD that Follows the book

Talk Shows I have been on the last couple weeks

This episdoe features 24 year veteran of wrestling Handsome Beau James and Beau is never for a loss or words a must listen interview like us on facebook today!!

Beau James discusses the differences in playing wrestler and being a wrestler, how to learn the holds and take the bumps in his Summer Camp, his book "Do Ya Wanna Be a Wrestler, Kid?", kicking people out of locker rooms, upcoming projects, and how to be a Pro without working a 9-5 Job.

Monday, January 30, 2012

More Reviews

Beau, just finished your book.

It was amazing, hats off to you! The ribs had me rolling and the section about Brian Hildebrand had me watery-eyed, but when I got to the part about your Grannie, I'll admit on here, tears were rolling. (Really identified with it.) Can't wait to read the next one
Elvis McComas - Huntington, WV
Wow! I mean just that. What can I actually say that Beau James didn’t? I read the book from cover to cover and never wanted to put it down. Beau’s vast wealth of wrestling knowledge (dates, people and fun facts) is just impeccable, he’s like a human wrestling encyclopedia. The main focus in the book is the hot bed of Tennessee wrestling, Kingsport, TN (although he did some long road trips around the US). He was able to work with and meet some of the greatest wrestling stars living and passed. This really isn’t just a book on wrestling; it includes an in-depth look into the soul of this man and shows his love of one woman, wrestling and his trial and tribulations with faith and personal demons. I recommend that everyone should read this book at least once, it’s worth it.

Chris L. King - Harlan, KY
I’ve been blessed to have met and worked with Beau James since 2007 in the northeast Tennessee pro wrestling circuit. Since meeting Beau, I have been partners with him on a few occasions and I have been on the opposite side of the ring / receiving end of some hellacious beatings. I must say he is VERY knowledgeable and will help anyone who is serious about succeeding in professional wrestling. Reading his book, you will gain a first hand insight on how professional wrestler operates and memorable stories from his experience / career. If you are a die hard wrestling fan or an up and coming pro wrestler, you must read this book. I highly recommend this book to any wrestling enthusiast. I have enjoyed reading it and look forward to any other books written by Beau
Bobo Brown - Detroit MI/ Jefferson City, TN

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler,Kid? by Beau James

Buy my book now for only $30. Each booked signed by Beau and Misty James, it also comes with signed pictures of Beau and Misty, and a DVD that Follows the book

Wrestling News for week of Jan. 21

The new year has started off with a bang for Misty and I. We have already been in 6 states this year and many more to come. Last week we had a wonderful weekend. Saturday night we were in featured matches on the BIGGEST event Rogersville, TN has ever had. The PWF promised and delivered a HUGE night. I was able to walk away from Rogersville as 1/2 of the new Tag Team Champions with my cousin Josh Crawford. I'm so proud of Josh and how far he has came along just in the last year.Below is highlights of our big win thanks to Will Trotter for the video. Also you will see the night did not end so well for my family and our friend Johnny Knievel.

Sunday Night was an emotional night for not only the James family but everyone in attandence at the last ever wrestling event at the Memorial Field House in Huntington ,WV. I want to thank Tom McKnight and all the 304 Wrestling staff for letting us be apart of the Last Stand Event. I wrestled in that building fro 20 years and have many found memories of that historic venue. Here are a few picture from Sunday thanks to the talented Susan Lively

Thanks for checking out kingofkingsport.com this week. Check back this weekend for a new SSW Power Half Hour. Please if you have not already check out my book below on this page and take a few minutes to read the reviews. We have received 100% positive feed back from everyone who has taken the time to email us after reading the book. It has a little bit of everything in it for a wrestling fan of any age.

You can see Misty and I in Action this week
Saturday Night Elizabethton,TN VFW Hall for PWF
Sunday 3 PM SMCW Arena in Waynesville, NC

Memories of The Superstar with Bill Dundee

It's been a busy few weeks around The Four Oaks for Misty and I. Over the Holidays we were honored to have "Superstar" Bill Dundee spend a few days with us. The three of us worked on a DVD series that will be release February 1st here one this site. Below is just a couple previews for you. It's a must see for any true wrestling fan.

Book reviews are still coming in

Underrated Book you should check out - Beau James book "Do Ya Want To Be A Wrestler, Kid?" First book from Southern Independent Standpoint and very well done.
Mike Johnson pwinsider.com New York City

Been reading Beau James book the last 3 days can't put it down... if you do wanna be a wrestler, are already a wanna be wrestler, play wrestle on the weekends, or have a chalk outline of a hand on on your back, you needa check this out. your wrestling iq will go up substanitally within 20 minutes.
Eric Lewis - Huntington,WV

hello mr.james just put your book down,good read.i read tons of wrestling books jerry lawler,dutch mantel,mick foley,roddy piper,ric flair,chris jericho,brock lesnar,(even golberg) and ddp, i ll put yours right there as one of my top favorites.the book was like my childhood in pages growing up in bulls gap,tn watching usa wrestling,nwa,memphis,icwa,wwf etc,i d forgot much of the history of east tennessee wrestling.i just as you went to the nwa db shows in the 80s to watch boogie,my dad one time surprised me and we got to meet boogie and greg the hammer valentine and i was speechless.every yr for my b day dad got me great american bash tickets in jc,and for a few hours i was on top of the world.In your book you talk about the geenville group and it reminded me i went to one of there shows in the early 90s dont rember a lot i think the ghostriders?and chainz?were top guys i only rember the green van sitting at ringside were seats should be?in your book you talk about apter mags,i used to go with my mom to food city on fri (cause sat was wrestling tvs)i pick out my favorite apter mag and not look at it cause i was buying it look at the other mags and get all the information i can while mom shopped.just hate wrestling today has be come sports entertainment you cant watch a show without the 1st 20 min being in ring talk.southern states,nwa smokey and saw (reno riggins nashville)are all old school wrestling like when it was popular,keep putting out good matches,tv and us old school fans will be here to enjoy.
Chris - Bulls Gap, TN

Beau & I both started in the business in the same time period following the death of the territories. While I'd read his name in magazines, I got to know more about him from a dear friend of both of ours, 'The Duke of New York' Al Getz. I always liked & respected Beau, & after reading his book, my admiration grew. Beau is brutally honest about his faults & failures as well as the reasons for his triumphs. Most books by indy wrestlers & promoters are as 'indyriffic' as the shows they work & run. Beau's is a chronicle of what faith & hard work can do in transforming your life. The story Beau weaves about his marriage to Misty is touching. I laughed so hard I cried about 10 times, usually while reading a Billy Joe Travis story. Reading about his lifestyle in the 90's & early 2000's made me reflect on the lifestyle that so many of my friends have struggled, some unsuccessfully, to change. Beau's philosophies on wrestling & promoting are so close to my own that I cancelled a 'shoot interview' I had planned on doing & told all my friends to read his book. Every indy wrestler or wannabe needs to read this book. It is simultaneously a celebration of a way of life & a warning to not allow that life to consume you, a lesson more people involved in wrestling (including myself) need to learn more often.

Thomas Simpson Union,SC - Thomas is the co-founder with Matt & Jeff Hardy of OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts) & has almost 20 years of experience as a promoter and also is a College Professor at University of South Carolina Union

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2 Big Events get the New Year Started

The New Year kicks off for not only The James family but the stars of SSW.NWA Smoky Mountain, PWF and Stars of Wrestling this Friday night.

This event is a big deal not only for the wrestlers but the fans as well. I started in in 2009 trying to get an event like this together. Thanksgiving 2010 SOW wrestlers were featured on a SSW event. In January 2011 I had a meeting with NWA and PWF official to bury the hatchet and work together for the sake of our profession and to give the area wrestlers more matches with quality promotions. 2011 was a great year here in the Tri Cities. 2012 is starting off with a bang and I hope that all the promoters can continue to work together. This area is special, it has a rich history of pro wrestling, top young talents and seasoned veterans. Many of the Stars here are seen on local and internet TV which has lead to them being contacted and them going to perform for promoters all over the east coast. When we go to the ring in other areas we are proud to represent  our home area. And with out our great fans here at home supporting us and talking about us on line we would not get the recognition aboard. Thank YOU!  

Lets Not forget about PWF's New Years Bash 2012. I'm very proud of these young men who have built this promotion. At times I have been vocal in a negative way about PWF. It took them a while to grow and understand my profession. They still are learning but I have been on most of their events the last year and I have seen the heart in theses guys. I have given them a pat on the back when I felt the deserved it which has been many in these past months. I'm proud of guys like my cousin Josh Crawford, Daniel Mulligan, and Johnny Knieval to watch them grow as not only wrestlers but as men the last year. It is my honor to team with Josh on this night. And don't forget Misty will also be in action teaming with WWE Hall of Fame Member Jimmy Valiant.