S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Monday, February 5, 2018

Saving East Tennessee Wrestling History Video Footage and Print Material YOU Might Be Able To Help

If you know me, have read my books, heard me on a podcast, or even know anything about me you know I have an undying love for pro wrestling from the territory years. Especially for my home area that had two different offices for decades in Kingsport and Knoxville.

I have spent years researching the history of  Pro Wrestling not only in my home area of East Tennessee but also East Kentucky and West Virginia. I have thousands of hours in libraries and on line reading news papers. I have searched every Kingsport paper from 1919 to 1976. I'm starting in the near future of finishing the 1970s.

I have also have spent years searching for any and all videos of Wrestling from East Tennessee. Unfortunately not a lot survived. Thanks to The Caldwell Family we were able to save the only known footage of Whitey Caldwell.

Thanks to  a couple of fans, Ken Cantrell , Kris Zellner, and Ben Straughn  I have been able to put together several hours of Knoxville TV and Arena Footage. I truly do think that there is more out there that we don't know about. There was episodes of Southeastern and NWA Championship Wrestling taped off of Channel 10 from Knoxville. Those episodes that I have are over a year apart and I believe were taped by the same person. Problem is we don't know who that is.

If they did come from the same person chances are that is not the only episodes they taped. There might be a slim chance someone has much more and doesn't realize how important it is to get it over on to digital formats to make sure it survives for history sake.

East Tennessee was a proving ground and a hot bed for wrestling for years. A who's who of the sport came through here or homesteaded here. So here is where I need help. If you have anything from Knoxville's Southeastern (1975-81) or NWA Championship Wrestling (1981-82) please do not hesitate to let me know. Also if you know who taped the weekly studio program let me know. My email is at the bottom of this blog.

The other items that I know that are out there is the weekly Southeastern Programs that were sold at the matches. I have copies of several but I'm always looking for more for my research on my upcoming book on Southeastern Championship Wrestling. If you have any of these and are willing to send me scans or copies please let me know.

I have been putting together the weekly newspaper ads from not only Knoxville but other areas they ran regular like the Tri-Cities, Eastern Kentucky, and Bluefield WV. The programs help put together what all was going on in the Territory at the time.

I'm also looking for anything related to Ron Wright's All Star Wrestling (1979-80). I have a few posters from ASW and the only Know footage that survived. I also have the ads from the Knoxville paper. I think there is more posters out there somewhere.

I have every episode of Ron Fuller's USA Championship Wrestling except one. It's the third episode of the run. Air date was the weekend of March 19, 1988.  For some reason no one I deal with has it and I did not tape it. Once again if you have it please let me know.  

Here is a list of what we know has survived and that I have.

One episode of John Cazana's Wide World of Wrestling from 12-02-1972 
Tommy Gilbert vs. Sam Bass in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Interviews with Ron Wright, Jerry Lawler, Tommy Gilbert
Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Gilbert in a 2 out of 3 falls match
From the WTVK TV 26 studio hosted by Jim Hess

Ron Wright's All Star Wrestling 1979 Footage from Knoxville TV
Col. Yan Ky&Randy Savage vs Lanny Poffo&Terry Gibbs
The Assassin (roger Smith) w/ Boris Malenko vs. Jim Pride
Terry Gibbs and Ronnie Garvin vs. Bob Roop and Bob Orton JR.
Interview with Garvin and Gibbs
Randy Savage vs. Jim Pride
 Assassin & Col Yan Ky vs Hoot Gibson & Jim Pride
Randy Savage vs. Rick McCord
Savage Interview
Lanny Poffo vs George McCrary
Terry Gibbs vs. The Assassin

Arena footage from mid 70s - 1980 featuring
Ron Fuller, Ronnie Garvin, Ron Wright, The Funks, Jack Brisco, Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Big Bad John, Bob Armstrong, Mongolian Stomper, and many more


Southeastern TV Title: Troy T. Tyler  vs. The Seraph
Promos from The Matador, Ron Slinker, Steve Travis & The Great Mephisto.
Clips from Georgia of Tommy Rich/Austin Idol/Harley Race 
Les Thatcher talks about Tommy Rich's return after being injured for 5 weeks
Tommy Rich promo about a match against Harley Race in Knoxville
Troy T. Tyler. promo
Ole Anderson vs. John Irving (Squash)
The Manchurians (Tapu & Tio) vs. Mark Hill & Rex Stone 

Ron Slinker vs. Terry Taylor
Killer Karl Kox promo on Ole Anderson
The Manchurians (Tapu & Tio) vs. The Matador (Jerry Stubbs) & Jerry Roberts (Jacques Rougeau)
Stan "The Lariat" Hansen vs. The Seraph 
Troy T. Tyler promo
Southeastern TV Title: Dirty Dutch Mantell vs. Troy T. Tyler
Stan Hansen promo on Harley Race

DVD 3 

Don Diamond vs. Rick Connors
Promos: Dutch, Matador, Steve Travis, Troy T. Tyler, Don Diamond & Ron Slinker
Southeastern Tag Titles & Great Mephisto's Hair vs. Tyler's hair & Matador's mask: The Manchurians vs. The Matador (Jerry Stubbs) & Troy T. Tyler
Bobby Eaton vs. The Beast
Personality Profile: Harley Race
Austin Idol promo
Matador promo
Killer Karl Kox vs. Terry Taylor

Dutch Mantel promo
Randy the Mountaineer vs. Rick Connors
Replay of Bad News Harris vs. Ole Anderson
Promos:Ole Anderson, Bad News Harris, Austin Idol
Dirty Dutch Mantell vs. Tim Horner
Promos: Mephisto, Killer Karl Kox, Troy T. Tyler, Dutch Mantel, Matador
Don Diamond/Dutch Mantel confrontation
Terry Taylor vs. The Matador


1970s Ronnie Garvin profile
1970s Mongolian Stomper Profile

1979 Studio Matches
David Shultz and Eddie Mansfield vs. Dean Ho and Mike Webb
Jimmy Golden vs. Ted Allen
interview Norvel Austin
Norvel Austin vs. Ted Allen

Mark Lewin w/ Mephisto vs. Larry Clark

The Manchurians (Tapu & Tio) vs. 'Golden Boy' Chick Donovan & Ken Wayne
Memphisto open challenge for Manchurians, Troy T. Tyler answers
Ginger the Wrestling Bear drinks a Coke
Southeastern TV Title: The Matador (Jerry Stubbs) vs. Terry Taylor
Personality Profile: Randy the Mountaineer 
Clips of Tommy Rich vs. Austin Idol from Knoxville
Dutch Mantell vs. Len Owen

Troy T. Tyler shows a burn on his chest from The Great Memphisto's fireball in Knoxville
Terry Taylor sitdown interview
Dutch Mantell vs. Chick Donovan
Bad News Harris (Kamala) vs. Don Graham 
Bob Polk announces that Mark Lewin can return to the area but is barred from using sleeper
Ivan Rapaputski vs. Tim Horner 
Southeastern TV Title: Dennis Condrey vs. Terry Taylor
Handicap Match: T-John Thibbedeaux vs. Rick Connors & Ken Hall
Troy T. Tyler/Bad News Harris promos on each other


Dutch Mantel/Dennis Condrey/Terry Taylor segment
Troy T. Tyler vs. Rick Connors
The Manchurians (Tapu & Tio) vs. Don Diamond & Tim Horner
Personality Profile: Austin Idol
Randy the Mountaineer (Randy Culley) vs. Ivan Rapaputski
Southeastern TV Title: Terry Taylor  vs. Bad News Harris (Kamala)

Terry Taylor challenges Dutch Mantel
Ivan Rapaputski vs. Tim Horner
Kevin Sullivan promo
Southeastern Heavyweight Title: Terry Taylor  vs. Dennis Condrey


1979 Southeastern
Sterling Golden (Hulk Hogan) vs. Bob Armstrong from The Coliseum
Jerry oberts and Buzz Sawyer vs. The Angel and Mike Barber from the studio

Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan's SWI (NWA Championship Wrestling)
Nov. 28 1981
Interview Kevin Sullivan
Sullivan vs. Denny Brown
Jackie Laken vs. Ron Sexton
interview Rick Connors
Cowboy Young vs. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. 
interview izzp Slapowitz and Ray Candy
interview Johnny Weaver
Ricky Steamboat vs. Deke Rivers (from Charolette) 
Jimmy Valiant Son of A gypsy Video
Jay Youngblood vs. Deke Rivers
interview Youngblood

Bonus Matches
Jeff Sword and Doug Vines vs. Ken Hall and Jackie Laken
Jeff Sword and Doug Vines vs. Tim Horner and Ron Sexton
Jeff Sword and Doug Vines vs. Ken Hall and Jackie Laken (rematch) 

USA Championship Wrestling March- August 1988
Every Episode but One
Featuring The Bullet, Scott Armstrong, Ron Wright, Mongolian Stomper, The Rich Cousins, 
Terry Gordy,  Moondog Spot, Bill and Jamie Dundee, The RPMS, Wendell Cooley, 
Buddy Landel, Nelson Royal, H├ęctor Guerrero, and more
hosted by Gordon Solie and Ron Fuller

Thanks for reading and any help you might can give to the effort to save The History. If you have anything you might think I'm interested in email me at kingofkingsport@gmail.com

The Knoxville Studio/Arena Set and USA Set are available at the right hand side of the page. Buy either one and I'll throw in the Wide World of Wrestling and All Star Wrestling DVDs in for free

Also check out my book about Wrestling in Kingsport from 1960-69. It is on sale here, Amazon, and Amazon Kindle. 

THANKS!!! Again. Only we can keep the History Alive.