S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nov. 30 updates

Updated Nov. 30

The Christmas Sale is going into it's last week. Don't miss the savings. Scroll down to see all the offers.

I  updated todat with AMW TV and events for this week.

Also check out the Historic Headline from 56 years ago tonight. Below

Here is a Big Waylon Smile for you! Picture taken this morning.

56 years ago today this Headlined marked the moment Ron Wright's life and career changed forever

Historic Head Line November 30, 1961 -- Whitey Caldwell had been making headlines for a few years by this time but 56 years ago today his battles with Ron Wright made their first headline. Caldwell would miss a year of wrestling with this shoulder injury and this was always a touchy subject be tween him and Ron. The injury delayed promoter Mickey Baarnes' plan as pushing Whitey as The Top Star. Caldwell had just been named the First TV Champion of this area by winning the Most Popular Wrestler in a write in vote by the fans. 

The match changed Ron's life and career.  Wright was a preliminary wrestler and/or ref until this point. He was sky rocketed to the spotlight. The legend of Ron Wright the meanest man in wrestling started with this match.

How did this match come about? What was the aftermath? How often did they Ron and Whitey face each other? Find out all this and much more in my book "Don't Miss This!!! The History of pro Wrestling in Kingsport, TN 1960-69" on sale now as part of the Christmas Sale right hand side of the page. Buy the book and get The Legends of Kingsport DVD Free!!!

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling TV and Events this week

Sorry on lack of updates the last couple weeks. I have been covered up. Thanksgiving and Black and Blue Friday were great events for AMW. They will be released on DVD very soon.

AMW events this Week

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Annual Christmas Sale is Back!!! Now till December 9th

I had hoped to have the sale up last week but I had to finish up some work on the DVDs. I have spent a year working on some of these sets. I'm so happy they are finished. I started trading tapes in the 1980s. Some of this stuff I have had on tapes for years. I have been able to fill in some gaps with help from others the last year or so.

The sale is ongoing now till Midnight on Saturday December, 9th to make sure You will get them in time for Christmas. Some of these DVD items will only be available during this sale due to the time it will take to fill. I have already started making sets so I can get them out in a hurry.

This has been my busiest year in a long while. I have worked on these sets in what little spare tie I have had. I want to keep the rich history of Southern Pro Wrestling alive. I will also be updating some Continental Sets in the next week or so as I have been able to add to them as well. Below are my big deals of the year.

First lets start with my HIGHLY RATED Books

Christmas Deal Number 1 - Lowest price ever offered or will be offered on my first two books "Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid?" and "It Takes All Kinds". Buy them both on right hand side of the page now till December 9th for only $32.50 the books will be signed by Misty and Me plus we will add a signed picture with them. Just make note who to have us sign it to.

Christmas Deal Number 2 - My third book "Don't Miss This!!! The History of Pro Wrestling in Kingsport, TN 1960-69" and "The Legends of Kingsport" DVD as a package deal for only $25. That's not all I will also add an 8x10 of Whitey Caldwell and an 8x10 of Ron and Don Wright. Buy now on the right hand side of the page. 

Christmas Deal Number 3 - This is a must for any fan of East Tennessee Wrestling!!!! The Ultimate Knoxville Collection is here for the first time and for the Christmas Sale ONLY!!! Here is what is included in the Collection

*John Cazana Promotions 1 DVD and 2 CDs from the early 1970
*Legends of Kingsport DVD featuring the only known footage of Whitey Caldwell
*Southeastern Wrestling 4 DVDs featuring arena foot from the 1970s and Action from The WBIR TV Studios 1979/80
*Ron Wright's All Star Wrestling DVD featuring Garvin, Savage, Roop, Poffo, Orton JR and more
*Ric Flair/Black Jack Mulligan's Southern Wrestling Inc. TV from 1981 3 DVDs
*Ron Fuller's USA Wrestling 1989 every episode but 1 on 7 DVDs

This collection is a Who's Who of East Tennessee Wrestling 

All together 17 DVDs and Two CDs for only $44.50

Christmas Deal Number 4 - This set will ONLY be offered during the Christmas Sale. due to the size and number of DVDs. So don't miss it!!! This one has taken a long time to put together because a lot of the footage floating out there is not very good. I have spent some time putting this collection together using the best video quality I could fine or have. The quality is not as good (some bad) as my Continental Collections but its the only collection like this. It took help from a friend in Alabama to make this the best and fullest collection possible.  This is a must for any fan that grew up on Alabama Wrestling. 

The Ultimate Alabama Collection featuring 25 DVDs of Gulf Coast Wrestling from the 1970s and Southeastern Wrestling (Alabama) 1980-1985. Buy it now right hand side of the page for only $55. 

Christmas Deal Number 5 - 1995 was the last great summer of Pro Wrestling in Memphis. The action was wild and crazy as always. The attendance was best it had been in years and it was because of a state wide few of Memphis' USWA Wrestling vs. East Tennessee Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Relive it all with this 10 DVD Set. Here is what it includes

*USWA Championship Wrestling 10 -1 Hour Episodes from Louisville TV June 18 - Sept. 3 
*Complet USWA "A Night To Remember Celebrating 25 Years of Wrestling in The Louisville Garden" card with Hall of Fame inductions 
*USWA Championship Wrestling full 90 minute episodes from Memphis TV June 24, July 1,8,22 includes the special Memphis Memories TV and Highlights from Hall of Fame and Memphis Memories 2

9 DVDs buy them now for only 24.50

Christmas Deal Number 6 - The Gulas - Welch 1970s Tennessee Wrestling DVD Set is now 6 DVDs. Including some very rare footage from Chattanooga and other footage I recently found in my collection that I did not know I had. The collection has action from Memphis, Louisville, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Nashville,and Birmingham. It also features a Who's Who of 1970 wrestling all the Tennessee Stars plus Andre The Giant, The Sheik, Dick The Bruiser, Mr. Wrestling II, and Bobo Brazil. Get all 6 DVDs now for only $20 right hand side of the page.

Christmas Deal Number 7 - All Southern States Wrestling DVDs are buy one get one free during the sale. You can find them on the left hand side of the page. Just make note which one you want free when you purchase. I have a few more Classic SSW DVDs coming out in the next few days also/

Thanks for your business and support. If there is something you are looking for but don't see just ask.

Thanks again
Beau James
Sinner Saved by Grace, pro Wrestler

Monday, November 13, 2017

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling upcoming and TV

Friday, November 17 at 7:30 PM
LCCHS High School
435 Cougar Drive, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858

Thanksgiving Night - Thursday, November 23 at 7:30 PM
Hazard National Guard Armory
782 Dawahare Drive, Hazard, Kentucky 41701

Friday, November 24 at 11:30 PM
Breathitt County Schools
420 Court St, Jackson, Kentucky 41339

Here is this week's line ups and catch up on TV