S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Preview of my 2nd Book

Here is a few teasers for my new book. Please over look any typos or grammar errors these come from my rough drafts before I sent them to my editor. In my new book "It Takes All Kinds, The People Places and Events of Pro Wrestling" I take a look at just that with many short stories from my year in wrestling. I'm now taking preorders of the book. Each preorder comes with a special DVD Documentary that follows Misty and I on the road for a month as we travel to WV,KY,GA,PA, and Middle Tennessee. The DVD will not be part of the book sales once the book goes to press in just days. So order your copy now!

The forward was wrote by Dr. Tom Prichard and the back cover by WWE's Paul Bearer.   

From The Chapter "Magical Places"

Memorial Hall in Kansas City
Over the next hour plus. We went through Memorial Hall. From dressing room to dressing room, the stage, the box office, the stands, and any where else we could go. It was something being in those dressing rooms. I have experienced the feeling in there in a few places. It was stepping back in time. You could feel the presents of the wrestlers of yesteryear. The ghost in the walls were talking to you. Our friend who gave us the tour had his own stories as he worked security at the wrestling matches. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the wrestling in Memorial Hall as he had been there to see it happen.

 The weirdest  feeling was when we made our way up stairs to the offices. We walked in and it was like an episode of the Twilight Zone. The offices look in 2005 as they did in 1987 when All Star Wrestling shut down. The old phones on the desks, tickets on the table, the line up for that weeks card was wrote on a piece of paper and was by a phone on the desk so when people called for info the secretary could give it to them. The man leading this trip through time. Said they came in one day and told us that the wrestling was done. The promotion would be closing and some people at Memorial Hall would be laid off. I’m so glad he was not one or I would have never had this opportunity.

Memorial Coliseum in Evansville,IN
 I had everyone write the number down on a note pad I passed around. A few minutes later I said if your name is not on this sheet of paper you are not booked here next week. If I need you I will call you. I hung a blank sheet of paper on the wall. I ran the entire crew off except for a few young look guys. I needed a street team. It was a building with long history. It was ran by the Tennessee office for decades yet there was no Tennessee wrestling in there.

From The Chapter "Just Another Day"

 When we came out of the building is was as quite as a church mouse. The wind hand picked up some and we could tell a storm was coming. We stopped at a gas station at the interstate and fueled up. As Krunch was pumping gas I was standing there talking to him a gust of wind came through and about took us down. Krunch said lets get out of here. He finished the fuel and we took off.

 No sooner than we pulled back on I 75 the sky opened and the rain came. I mean a rain like I had never seen before and only have seen a couple times since. As we rolled up the road I was looking along side the road for animals lining up two by two. I was wishing we were in an Ark rather than my ‘84 Topez.

 I had a C.B. in my car we had it and the radio on. It was only a few minutes before we started hearing emergency interruptions on a Knoxville radio station. They were telling people in Rhea, Meigs, Roan, Loudon, Knox, Blount, and surrounding areas to take cover that radar was showing several funnel clouds. As Krunch and I were listening Alex Shane started talking about the matches. Alex being from Virginia and new to traveling was not sure how serious this was. Krunch asked him if he knew where these places are? Alex said no. And Krunch said well buddy let me tell you, you are right dead in the cross hairs.

 As Alex sat back and started listening we started hearing truck drivers yelling tornado on the ground at this mile marker and that one. It was so black you could not see but a few feet in a front of you. Krunch was driving and was having trouble holding the car on the road from the wind. The rain was coming down in sheets.

 The only breaks we had was when we would go under an over pass. Each over pass had cars stopped and people got out and were up under the bridges. Not us we just kept on. The next hour we went through one of the worst storms Tennessee had ever had.

From The Chapter "Quotes and Conversations"

Ricky Morton - Who trained you?
Young Wrestler - A Name we have never heard
Ricky Morton- What did he get for breaking you in?
Young Wrestler - $500
Ricky Morton - He should have gotten 3 to 5 for stealing your money

Scotty McKeever - Do you realize almost everyone in this dressing room hates you?
Me - Yeah and They don’t pay me. You do. So who cares
Scotty McKeever - Well as long as you know
Oak Hill WV 2003

K.C Thunder - So the guy started crying and said please don’t shoot me please I have a family
Me - so what did you do?
KC - I shot him
The two of us standing at urinals in a Pennsylvania Truck Stop about 4am. You have never seen a public bathroom clear out so fast

From The Chapter "The Good Guys"

Another trip down the Country Music Highway Brad Thomas was driving and Bobby and I were riding with him. As we got close to Duffield, VA it was time to check the tires (wrestlers talk for pee on the side of the road). I told Brad don’t stop on this road State Troopers in Virginia is not people you want to deal with. I told him where to turn off a short side road that myself and others wrestlers had been pulling off on for years.

 The road dips down of 23 and is out of sight. You go about the length of two football fields and there are two house. What we did not know as that someone had built a house in the woods and as we were checking the tires we noticed it. Brad said hey we are in someone’s front yard. About that time the outside lights came on. The next thing I know Bobby is done and jumping back in the car. The garage door comes up and Brad and I hear get’em boy!!! Something you do not want o hear at 2am in the dark cold Virginia night with your privates hanging out. Brad runs around and jumps in. I’m still checking the tires as this dog comes at me in a dead run. I finished and got in the car and closed the door just as the dog got to me. I have not made that stop since then and don’t think I will be again.

From The Chapter "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash"

As soon as the matches were over and people filed out Barry went to the office and I was in hot pursuit. I was wrong about a few things first I was third in line behind Wahoo and Chris.

 Wahoo came out and looked at us and said good luck boys. Not something you want to hear. Chris went in and after a few minutes I peaked in and he gave me what I thought was the OK sign with his hand. He got up and came to me and said “zero, the guy says Charlie left at intermission with the box office money.” He then tells me “don’t let anyone in here”. Chris Walker is a huge man hence the name Conan. He was in the middle of a separation from his wife. He was not one to mess with.

 He started yelling at this guy and people could hear it all over the building. I saw him grab Barry with one hand and throw him against the wall. He then slapped him so hard Barry did a cartwheel with out hands. Barry started yelling for help. People came when others got to me I told them the deal. Barry’s now had zero friends in the building. It became a mess. The boys were ready to kill him. Me included.

 Barry was trying to talk and no one  was listening. I figured the guy blow his money day one and be gone. Truth was he had no money to begin with. When the boys knew they were not getting paid they started going threw his stuff taking anything of value.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

SSW Power Half Hour 12.23.12

All the last minute news and info about Christmas Night Star Wars

watch other Power Half Hours at youtube.com/kingofkingsport

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"It Takes All Kinds" My 2nd Book now taking pre orders

 For over the past year I have been working on my second book. I hoped to have it out just in time for the Holidays but it did not work out that way. The book will be going to print just days into the New Year. I'm now taking preorders. Make your preorder now with paypal top right hand side of this page only $25

 Each pre order will come with a special DVD Documentary named "The Road Hits Back" its a special look at my wife Misty and I on the road. The cameras were rolling for four weeks as Jake Booth traveled with us to Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and through out our home state of TN.  The DVD also features Jerry Lawler, Tracy Smothers, Jimmy Valiant, Traci Taylor, Mad Man Pondo, Jerry Lynn, U-Gene, and many more wrestling greats. You will seen never before seen matches, a look inside the dressing rooms, the life on the road. Once the book goes to print and the DVD will not be offered with my book.

No shipping cost in the U.S.A. international orders email kingofkingsport@gmail.com for shipping cost.

Here is a what WWE Legendary Manager Paul Bearer had to say about my book and the work of misty and me.

"I was familiar with Beau and Misty James' names, long before I met them for the first time at our Annual Gulf Coast. Wrestlers Reunion (GCWR) each year in my hometown of Mobile, AL.. There is no doubt that this professional wrestling couple are some of the most hardest working tandems in our industry. It boggles my mind at times to see how many events they promote each year, notwithstanding the cards they appear on around the Southeast. I think the world of Beau and Misty; I just wished we had 1000 more couples just like them. I'm truly excited about reading Beau's new book. Be Blessed My Friends! ~Percy Pringle III a.k.a. WWE Legend Paul Bearer."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SSW Power Half Hour 11.18.12

Here is all the info you need to know about THIS FRIDAY in Mt. Carmel, TN. Poster and news for this event below.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

He is more than a King to me

The King with his famous fist drop

For the ones of you who know me you know I am in no way, shape, or form a supporter of fan of the WWE. I have not kept up or watched in long while. The last WWE program I watched was WrestleMania from Atlanta. And that is a whole other story for another day.

Monday night I was home watching Football when I started getting text, calls, and facebook messages about Jerry "The King" Lawler. My first thought was the same as many others. That this was just another tasteless gimmick of WWE. I mean come on they had and elderly lady give birth to a rubber hand and a former police officer steal a casket at a funeral just to name a couple tasteless moments. It was not until a facebook post from a person with WWE connections that made we turn over to see what was going on. As I turned over there was no commentary and nothing seemed right.

I then text a couple of friends of mine who have worked for WWE and still speak to people there. I became very worried. Each text I got back reassured me how serious this was.

Growing up in a hot bed of wrestling here in East Tennessee I was blessed to see the greatest of the greats. I watched Mid Atlantic Wrestling, Southeastern/Continental, and ICW every week but my favorite wrestling hands down came from Memphis.

I lived Memphis Wrestling. I could not wait to see that trophy spinning each week to tell me Lance Russell and Dave Brown were 60 seconds away from telling me the news. Memphis was like none other you truly had no idea what was coming next. No matter who wild and crazy it got , no matter how far they pushed it there was always a voice of reason who in three minutes or less could not only make you understand it but feel it and believe in it. That was Jerry "The King" Lawler.

The King is more than a wrestler here in the Volunteer State. Before the Titans, before the huge boom of NASCAR, before SEC football was seen every week on TV we had our own home grown sports stars and idols Pro Wrestlers. Here in East Tennessee we had the Wrights and Whitey Caldwell, The Gulas Area had Jackie Fargo, but The King covered the state he was a star among stars. He is our Mickey Mantell, Hank Aaron, Troy Aikman, Chipper Jones all rolled into one.

He is one of a kind. He started wrestling in 1970. By 1972 he was a Main Event attraction teaming with my friend the late Jim White and managed by the late Sam Bass. They were in demand wrestling in Memphis on Monday, Lousiville on Tuesday, various cities Wednesday and Thursday, Knoxville on Fridays doing as many as three live TVs on Saturday and various city Saturday Night.

In 1974 Lawler became the break out singles star everyone close to him knew he would be. He had a run in his home city that no other wrestler until then or since then has had. He faced the Top 10 wrestlers in The NWA (the real one that meant something) on his way to historic match with NWA World Champion Jack Brisco.

His box office success in the 70s as a fan favorite and not so fan favorite is still record business in places like Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Louisville, Evansville, Johnson City, Tupelo, and Jackson.

He was able to keep people coming back to there TV sets and local arenas every week. Only he knew what was coming next. And he had you on the hook to see what he was going to do from singing, music videos, Dr. Fank, shaving Bev Dundee's hair, drawing cartoons of his opponents, making fun of Lance's suits or nose. No matter what it was he was able to get the emotional reaction from the fans that he wanted.

My first hand memories of The King are his come back from a broken leg.But I do have what The King told me himself may be the biggest Memphis library. At the end of 1979 he suffered a broken leg playing football with his buddies on a Sunday afternoon. During his time away Jimmy Hart his manager had crowned a new King and built his First Family of Wrestling. No matter how mean, tough, or bad The First Family got the people had hope, we knew The King would be back! And come back did he ever!!!

The memories of his battles with Bill Dundee, Randy Savage, Terry Funk, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, Tommy Rich, Austin Idol, Dutch Mantell, Joe LeDuc, Eddie Gilbert and others through the 1980s are as fresh in my mind as they were then. Who can forget his quest for a World title chasing Nick Bockwinkle, Ric Flair, and Curt Hennig? I still am half hot at my Dad because he would not take me to Memphis May 9 1988 to see Lawler's career vs World title. We all know how that turned out.

AWA World Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler 1988

As a kid growing up dreaming of becoming a pro wrestler the only places I ever wanted to wrestle were  Continental and Memphis offices.  Most people who get into wrestling want to be world wide super stars. Not me I wanted to wrestle the places I watched every week, the buildings I saw clips from on the TVs, and against my heroes. My most important goal was a Main Event in Memphis against The King. And thanks to Randy Hales that came true in 1998.

me vs Jerry "The King" Lawler WMC TV 5 August 1998

I sat here Monday night and Tuesday and all I could think about was Jerry Lawler. I prayed to the King of Kings who I know has our King in his loving healing hands.I grew up idolizing the man. I have been so blessed to get to work with and know him over the years.

Wrestling, singing, and movies are about the only jobs you can grow up and have a chance to work with your heroes. I have great memories of working with The King in Memphis and out and about in the independents.

In 1998 I was working in Memphis and my sister and her family was living in Memphis. At times she would bring my nephews Dakota and Jacob to TV 5 to watch the matches. Jacob was a huge Lawler fan and at 3 years old was able to meet The King. Halloween that year fell on a Saturday and that morning we were at TV when Lawler's then wife Stacy walk up and said here Jerry wanted your nephews to have these. She handed me two brown bag full of candy and on the side was Halloween cartons drawn by The King.

In 2006 Bill Dundee booked me for his Legends card in Jackson Tennessee. The Main Event was of course THE Memphis Main Event Lawler vs. Dundee. As the matches ended Tracy Smothers and I were trying to get out and beat the crowd. As we started up the steps Lawler was coming down the steps. Knowing of my huge Tennessee Wrestling collection He looked at me and said "hey go hang that on your wall" and tossed me the chain he had used on Dundee.

In 2010 Jeff Tankersley and I brought Lawler to Kingsport for a set of matches over the year. The King as always did above and beyond what we asked. The first night he was in, was shortly after Jim White had passed. I gave The King a 1972 Knoxville Wrestling DVD with him White and Bass. He was amazed anyone had this footage much less on DVD.

In the spring of that year King sent me a email wanting to know where I got the "Bad News" video he had watched on our online TV. I told him I made it. I tried to get as much of his career in 3 minutes as you can. He asked me if I would send it to him on DVD. I more than happily did. When he came in the next time for us he gave Misty several promotional pictures of him from the 80s and told her to give them to me after he flew home. On one of them he wrote me a note. It hangs in my office beside the chain.

In the 19070s Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart did a song The Ballot of Jerry Lawler. One of the lines is "He's The King and he can do anything". Well to me he is more than The King. He is a Hero, a friend, and now an inspiration.

Next October will be my 25th year in Wrestling. Just last week Misty asked "what was I going to do for that event". I said "easy Team with Bill Dundee vs. The King and Handsome Jimmy".

The will never be another 40 year Main Event Star. There will never be another man who sells out his home town week after week, year after year, The will never be another Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Get well King. And know that I'm not the only one who feels this way about you.


Friday, July 20, 2012

A return to The Dome

Thanks for reading and checking out my page. If you are a first time reader check out my book to the right and SSW DVDs to the left. The last several weeks Misty and I have been so busy I have not had the time to sit down and communicate with you guys as much as I wanted.

First off a big THANK YOU to all of you who joined us in June for Summer Bash and this past Sunday for WrestleFest. Sunday was one of those special nights for me. Sitting in the dressing room with heroes like Ronnie Garvin and Jimmy Valiant listening to their stories and realizing I have many stories myself with these two. Jimmy is a big part of my first book.

The reception and reaction the people gave me in the Mt. Carmel,TN Armed Forces Center WrestleFest night was second to none. And it means a lot to me. The Summer Bash DVD is to the left and WrestleFest DVD will be out Sunday.

As I write this I have been home about an hour after attending a great concert with Jeremy Camp and Building 429 as a part of Kingsport's Annual Fun Fest. It was to be held in the J. Fred Johnson Stadium but due to lighting and possible tornadoes they made an announcement to evacuate the Stadium about 15 minutes before start time. Misty and I had our two nieces Katie and Belle with us. We had two choices long walk back to the car or next door into the famed Buck Van Huss Dome.

The Buck Van Huss Dome was known simply as D-B (Dobbins - Bennett) High School Gym until it was renamed for Coach Van Huss in the 1990s. It was home to Jim Crockett's Mid Atlantic Wrestling for several years. I saw my first live matches there when I was eight years old. At that time it was the biggest building in the world to me. And even more important it had a ring in the middle of it with me heroes in it. I saw a sign tonight that said maximum seating 5,425. I know I have been in there with more people than that in there. But times have changed and fire codes and etc I guess 5,425 is it.

Localized Interview for The Match that drew the record crowd to the Dome. Legends tell that as many were turned away as that were in the building.

We were some of the first to enter the Dome Misty and The girls stopped ,but I took off for Section N row 2 seat 3. The place I sat for my first event. As I walked that round aisle to get to the section I was an eight year old again. I starred down to the tunnel the wrestlers came out. I could hear the cheers for Steamboat and Youngblood, the jeers for Slaughter and Kernodle, The crowd going crazy at the first sounds of Ooo Wah, Ooo Wah cool,cool kitty tell us about the Boy From New York City.

I spent many Sunday afternoons (most Kingsport events were Sunday afternoon but at Times they ran a Friday or Saturday Night at 8:15 now you know why SSW events starts at 8:15) in that Dome with my Dad and uncle Odell. My little sister Autumn started coming a few months after we did. At times my Uncle Earl and his son Sammy went with us. It was a family outing for us. As I sat there I told my wife and nieces all kinds of funny stories. I showed them where we were sitting the day so and so did this or that. All these years later I can remember almost everything I saw there.

My Dad's Favorite Wrestler Johnny Weaver in the Dome photo by Dick Bourne midatlanticgateway.com

It did not take long for a deck of cards to come out and Misty and the girls to start playing "Go Fish". Hey we are a wrestling family. We can sleep any where and find something to pass the down time. As they played I sat there and thought about my Uncle Odell who we lost a couple years ago and my time with him there. I thought of my Grannie Hassie who I would go see or call after the matches and give a full report. I was flooded with memories.

Regular wrestling cards left that building at the beginning of 1985. Mid Atlantic Wrestling moved to Johnson City's Freedom Hall some 30 minutes away in July of 1985. I was told by Sandy Scott that the move was made because Dusty Rhodes did not want Armories and High School Gyms on TV. I guess Freedom Hall Civic Center sounded better than D-B High School Gym.

Several thoughts came to my mind as I sat there tonight waiting out the storm. Like how much I miss my Grannie Hassie and Uncle Odell. I thought about all my heroes that I have been so blessed to work with over the past near quarter century. How years ago I was a huge Jimmy Valiant fan, you know the Boy From New York City (By the way of Tullahma,TN and Hammond,IN).

The wrestler who gave me nightmares The Great Kabuki has the claw on Jimmy Valiant 1983
Kabuki onces spit the Mystical Green Mist in Kingsport and it got on my arm. I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could to wash it off. When your 9 years old and seen wrestlers blinded by the Mist you have no idea what it will do to you.

Me and Jimmy Valiant 1995 Cleveland Ohio.

As I was sitting there thinking. I took the time to write a not to Jimmy on his face book about how much he means to me. He is a hero turned friend turned family. He spends Christmas with me and my family every year. I visit his home many times a year. I talk to him every few day. Misty says she loves it when "Boogie" is around because I'm always on my best behavior. He is always there for me. When my Grannie past he wrote me a long heart felt email. I have been to his family reunion a few times. And he has been here for not only me but my family over the years. If you would have told me at eight years old when I was watching him battle Joe LeDuc in my first live main event the relationship we would have now I think that I and my Dad who was sitting beside me would have told you that your were nuts.

At about 8pm tonight they made and announcement that the Building 429/Jeremy Camp Concert would happen but it would be moved into the dome. They hurried and moved what they could inside. They used the Dome's P.A.. No stage. No Drums. As I sat there watching the people file in it was like a Sunday afternoon in 1983. We would get to the matches early because of all things I just wanted to look at the ring and hope to see a few wrestlers peak out and maybe sign my picture or program.

Not all my memories tonight were about wrestlers. I sat there thinking of my Dad, Roy also. My Dad is a decorated American Hero of The Viet Nam War. He grew up rough and tough. He like my Mom worked hard for me and my sisters to have more than they ever dreamed of. It took me years to realize that. I mostly just thought he was hard on me because he thought I was a screw up. Over the years we have had many rough times. He never understood what drives me as a wrestler and promoter. He has had hard times trying to figure me out. There is probably no one on this earth that has made him madder over the years than me. And same can be said about him making me mad.

For my 13th birthday he asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to go the The Great American Bash. He said OK when is it in Johnson City. I said July 15, but I want to go to Charlotte, NC on my birthday July 17 to see it in the Football Stadium. He took me. Not because he was a fan but because he could see how bad I wanted to go. And it was two days of just me and him. The story of this trip will be in my second book along with our second trip to Charlotte's Bash which is the day we almost died in the hood after a wrong turn.

As I sat there tonight I had no memories of our heated arguments or throwing saws and 2x4s at each other. I just thought about my Dad and how he has always been there for me. Whether it was for $2 to buy a Steambot and Youngblood or Jimmy Valiant and Charlie Brown 8x10, $3 for a Mid-Atlantic Magazine, or my first wrestling ring to promote with. I still owe him for the 8x10s and programs but the ring is paid off.

me and my Dad

Most people think they get only one Father. But I sat there tonight thinking of three. My Dad or as I call him "Pops" or "Old Man" Roy, My wrestling Dad Jimmy Valiant......

Camp and Crew drew the biggest crowd I have seen in the Dome for any event in years. But it did not surpass Flair vs. N. Koloff Jan. 1987 or Mulligan and Andre vs. Superstars in 1980.

Between songs Mr. Camp spoke of how it seems that the world now is in an "in-titled state". Most think something is owed to them. They deserve what they want. And trust me dealing with these people in the wrestling profession now days. I hear that a lot.

But I sat there thinking the only thing we are owed is death. Romans 3:23 tells us plain and simple all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That's me, you, my heroes I spoke of, Mr. Camp, Members of Building 429. All of us.

That's when I sat there thinking of my 3rd father. The most important my Heavenly Father. Who sent his only son Jesus to die for us all. That's me, you, my heroes I spoke of, Mr. Camp, Members of Building 429. All of us. John 3:16 tells us that our Heavenly Father The "I Am" The almighty, God loves us ALL that he sent his only son to be born of a human birth, live a sinless life, to die, and beat death, hell, and the grave. For ALL of us.

I'm for one glad to know that some day I will see my Grannie Hassie, Uncle Odell, and other loved ones again. Not because I'm a wrestler, not because I'm on TV, not because of anything I did or can do. But because I gave my heart to Jesus. Romans 10:9 tells us as simple as it gets. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus died for you and God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved.

Lord I thank you for a wonderful and some times crazy life. I thank you for my family. I thank you for all my blessings and all the dreams of that eight year old little boy sitting in section N row two seat 3 that came true. I thank you for all my many heroes turned friends, I thank you for all my heroes I was able to share a car, ring,or hotel room with. I thank you for all my wonderful memories of my loved ones that have passed and I know I will see again. I thank you for this opportunity to share my memories on this site with many.

Most important I pray that if there is anyone reading this that does not know Jesus Christ as Their Savior and Lord of their Life. That they will open their heart to you Lord and say this prayer confessing with their mouth and believing in their heart Jesus Saves......

Lord Jesus I know I'm a sinner. I thanks you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me of my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you into my life and heart as my Lord and Savior. Amen

If you said this prayer and/ or have questions Feel free to contact me at anytime at kingofkingsport@gmail.com

Thanks for reading. We all still have a little bit of that eight year old in us.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My interview on BeachLifestyle Radio

Thanks to Neil Haley and G.J. for having me on.

It is all about how to live the beach lifestyle. Life Transformers, Entrepreneurs and Hosts Neil Haley and GJ Reynolds will interview people who are living the Beach Lifestyle. Are you? Live a fulfilling life and have the Life

Listen to internet radio with Beachlifestyle on Blog Talk Radio

Friday, June 22, 2012

SSW Power Half Hour 6.23.12

This week highlights and news coming out of Summer Bash 2012. You will see crowning of new Southern States Tag Team Champions, What Happened after the big Southern States Title Match between Frank Parker and Demolition Ax,words from Eric Darkstorm and Kyle Matthews about their first time match up, News about the Morristown,TN event coming July 6, James McHone finds out who is coming after him July 15 at WrestleFest and a lot more

SSW Summer Bash DVD is here

10 Matches in All including
Frank Parker with James McHone vs. Demolition Ax - SSW Title
Misty James vs. Bebe Cook - SSW Ladies Title
Kyle Matthews vs. Eric Darkstorm - First Time Match Up
8 Team Tournament for SSW Tag Titles
Plus Dressing Room Interviews, A Music Video

Only $10 plus $2 shipping and handling

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News from The King of Kingsport

Thanks for checking out kingofkingsport.com. Sorry for lack of updates last few weeks as Misty and I have been very busy wrestling and traveling. From May 26 to June 2 we wrestled on 7 live events and traveled to 5 states. Plus on top of all that we have been out promoting our big SSW Summer Bash 2012.

Summer Bash is looking to be a card for the ages. IT has something on it for every fan. From the classic style of WWE Legend Demolition Ax battling SSW Champion Frank Parker, to the high flying non stop action that Eric Darkstorm vs. International Star Kyle Matthews will bring, to ladies action as Misty James defends her Southern States Ladies Title vs. Mid South Ladies Champion Bebe Cook, and lets not for get the big tag tournament as wrestlers from several states will be going for the SSW Tag Titles.

The VIP Golden Circle Tickets are on sale now and as of yesterday there is only 30 VIP Tickets left. You can buy them with paypal here be scrolling down or pick them up at Evermore Comics and Games on Eastman Rd. in Kingsport. Evermore has a new store in the Green Acres Shopping Center make sure to look around when you go to get your tickets.

To keep up with Misty and I in NWA Mountain State visit nwamountainstatewrestling.com

This coming week is a busy week for The James Family as well here is where you can see us.
Tues 7:30PM EWP Arena 638 Hwy 11w Rutledge TN
Sat. 10:30AM NWA Mountain State Studio 234 Neville St. Beckley WV Free Admission
Sat. 8:00PM NWA Mountain State at Memorial Bldg. in Hinton WV
Sun. 3:00PM Smoky Mountian Arena Waynesville,NC for SMCW

Thanks for checking in, hope to see you at the Matches
Beau James
Jesus Saves!!!

SSW Power Half Hour June 2

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wrestling News from Beau James

Thanks for taking the time for checking out my site. A lot of big things are happening for Misty and I. Over the next few weeks we will be wrestling in WV, NC, and PA. We also confirmed our return to the Memphis area today for the weekend of July 21.

This past weekend we made our return to NWA Mountain State (WV). There has been a few changes made in management up there and it was a complete 180 turn from what it was when I was last there. I was impressed by some of their young talent. Take a few minutes and check them out at mountainstatewrestling.com . Misty and I will be wrestling for them May 5, 12, and 19.

This coming Sunday April 29 3pm Misty and I will be back at Smoky Mountain Championship Wrestling at the SMCW Arena in Waynesville, NC. Ricky Morton and The Barbarian will also be wrestling on the card.

The only local event Misty and I will be doing in the month of May is the 18th in Bluff City, TN. A fund raiser for South Holston Rescue Squad at Hickory Tree VFD. More on that event next week

If you have face book make sure you check out the Southern States Wrestling Fan page. Over the last few days I have added several classic pictures, posters, and fliers from the past several years.

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As I was adding the picture below. I was thinking of how off track my personal and professional life got from 2000 to 2007. I did have moments of good times and success during that time. But nothing like years before. Legal troubles, addiction, bitterness, and a few other distractions along the way got me.

All of that is behind me. You know that if you have read my book. If not you can buy it below. I have spent so much time trying to protect wrestling history and never really thought about what a rich history S.S.W. has. We were first in area with so many first like National Stars as regulars, first to be covered in local media and national publications, first to promote FunFest events, first since Mickey Baarnes to promote events at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium, first to promote Holiday Super Cards, and the first to stumble but keep going. It has been 21 years of trial and error.

The trip down memory lane has lit a fire under me. Two of the biggest driving points over the years for S.S.W. was to honor the past and showcase the top young talent. Over the years we have promoted events with legends like Junkyard Dog, Studs Stable, Jimmy Valiant, Rock-n-Roll Express, Fantastics,Tracy Smothers, Arn Anderson, Sherri Martell, Mongolian Stomper, Buddy Landel, and many others.

We have also gave a place for guys like Stan Lee, Eddie Golden, Tony Givens, Chris Richards, Robbie Cassidy, and several other stars you see headlining events in the area a place to start, learn, and make a name for themselves. Let's not forget Kid Kash, EZ Money, Andy Douglas, Jillian Hall, and a few others wrestled here before making it to National and World Wide TV.

With all that said I have spent the last few days on the phone with talent for S.S.W. events for the rest of the year. The summer is looking good and still waiting on a few confirmations but I can tell you this as of now.

On June 16 we have signed a great match featuring two of the best young talents in the eastern U.S. Eric Darkstorm vs. Kyle Matthews.

He Has Wrestled for Zero 1 in Japan, Ring of Honor, Evolve, Chikara. Considered by many to be the top wrestler in the state of Georgia. He received the Future Legends Award at this years Cauliflower Alley Reunion. And Kyle Matthews is on his way to S.S.W. June 16.

Kyle vs. WWE's Daniel Bryan

On Sunday July 15 we will present our annual WrestleFest event at the Armed Service Center Armory 399 Hwy 11w Mt. Carmel, TN. Myself, Mac McMurray, and Al Bass are working on this years inductees to the East Tennessee Hall of Fame. We are pleased to announce that this years event will feature former NWA World Champion The Hands of Stone, Ronnie Garvin!!!

Profile on Ronnie Garvin  

             Feel Free to email me with any questions or comments at kingofkingsport@gmail.com

Couple Radio Interviews from past week

I have did thousands of interviews on TV, Radio, and newspaper over the years. All until now have been wrestling rated programs or stories. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would be on a program about education. Below is my interview with Neil Haley. Neil is a former wrestler from the 90s. He is doing a lot of great work with children's education. Check him and what he is doing out at www.totaltutor.org

Here is link to my interview with Neil
Total Education Show 4.23.12

I also was guest on Over The Top Radio. Its a program that takes a look at wrestling past present and future.

Listen to OTTR here
OTTR 4.20.12

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Few Stories from My Book

Take a few minutes and check out this free preview of my book. Its on sale right here on this page just scroll down. These are just a small taste of my life's story and what you will read about in my book.

From Chapter 2 - The Dream Comes True

That next Saturday I went down to Al's and caught a ride with him and The Equalizer to Elizabethton. This was my first time ever speaking to The Equalizer. He is known to the boys as Krunch, a nickname he had gotten in his youth. On the way they both gave me advice on what to do in the ring, what to do if this happens or that happens. Everything was in a roundabout way, never anything to the point. I was sitting there listening and wondering if this would be the night I got killed by some angry wrestler.

The building was an old run-down school that was now the Gap Creek Community Center. It looked like something from a horror movie. The windows had been broken, and most of them had plywood covering them. The building itself was made of brick and old river rock. As we walked up the steps to the building, there was the smell of popcorn, wet paint, and crap as you walked in the lobby.

I followed Al down a flight of steps to a gym and then down another set of steps to the dressing room door. He told me to stay there and he would see if he could get me a match or two. A few minutes later, he came to the door and told me to come in and get dressed. I had a bag from years of baseball and had packed it with a pair of dress pants, my convict shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes. When I stepped inside the door, it was as black as any cave. I was nervous already and now I was in pitch black. I felt my way around a corner and way down on the other end I saw a light. I thought it might have been a train. I could see a couple of wrestlers changing.

Al had not said to come with him, so I did not go any further; I dressed right there in a dark hallway and then went back up on the steps.

When Al returned, he said, “Hey, it looks like it‟s your lucky day. You‟ll be reffing all the matches if no one else shows up.” I was not worried. I figured it would be like before: I would ref the first match and the other ref would show up. The national anthem played and off to the ring I went. I got in the ring and out came the first match. It was two masked guys. When I went over to check them, one told me a dirty joke. The other one had nothing to say but farted when he lifted his leg. Those was the two highspots of the match. For the next 5 minutes, these two guys did what seemed to me as play-wrestle and laugh. The match ended with an attempt at a schoolboy rollup and I found myself rethinking not only being a ref but also a wrestling fan.

I spent the next three-plus hours reffing 10 matches and in 8 of them the participants should have been thrown in jail for impersonating wrestlers. This was my first taste of many to come of bad wrestling. It was a joke that was not funny. It was a disgrace to all the great men and women who had came before and paved the way and built wrestling. It was a slap in the face to fans who paid hard-earned money.

On the way home, I asked, “Why did we go there? Is this what I have to look forward to?” Al told me, “At times, yes.” He then told me that there are a few good places around East Tennessee to go, but I needed experience. Once I got some ring time, he would help me get booked down around Knoxville. He said we went there because that was the only place running near home and they did not have another booking, and a day of work is better than a day at home.

From Chapter 3- The Battle and Life's Lessons

Another life lesson that I had to learn at an early age was that you have very few real friends in wrestling. As you are booking guys they love you. Leave them off one weekend and they hate you. Let them do what they want and they're happy. Give them direction and outline what you want – not so happy.

One night I was in a bathroom stall doing my business and I overheard a couple of guys that I thought were my friends. They were talking about me and how a new promotion was about to open up and they were going to no-show my town. For most 17 year old kids, that would have been more than they could handle, but I had been seeing and hearing it since I was 14.

Another battle I was fighting was with my family. I would be graduating from high school in 1992 and they only saw wrestling as a hobby. The only guy in our dressing room who had wrestled for a living was Wayne Rogers, and he was now only doing it on the weekends. My Dad was on me to make up my mind what I was going to do with my life. When I told him wrestling, it was not too exciting to my old man. I told him I had a plan, and that was to travel and make SSW a profitable business. I was not going to end up in my 40s wondering if I could have made a living in wrestling. I would be in my 40s looking back at all the places I had been to and had been paid to be there.

I want to make sure that this fact is known: nothing was ever given to me other than an opportunity. Everyone who has gotten into the ring has had the same opportunity – to learn, work hard, and to make things happen. I feel if you are in wrestling and have not made money or made it out of your home area, it is because you have not tried hard enough. There is wrestling everywhere. You have to get out there and find it and make it happen. It‟s no one‟s responsibility but yours.

 My dad bought the first ring and nice P.A. I had. I had to work doing construction for him to pay it off. Krunch and Al got me started but I had to learn my own lessons. Many people taught me many lessons but I had to learn how to apply them. Failure was NEVER an option for me! And it still is not. Everyday on Earth is a test. I may have not passed every test, but I have not failed.

From Chapter 11 - Oh, You want to Play?

Some guys are afraid to rib because they fear it might lead to a fight or an altercation. Not everyone has a sense of humor, and not everyone wants to be involved in the games. One guy that most people don‟t realize has a great sense of humor is Bull Pain. Bull is a large bald wrestler from Wisconsin. He has a reputation of being a tough guy. Like me, he has no problem telling people what is on his mind, or yelling at a young wrestler for not doing what he should.

Once you get to know Bull, you realize what a great guy he is, but most never try to get to know Bull. In 2001, my Dad had a very serious and dangerous heart surgery to repair a leak in his heart. Bull, who had only met my Dad one time, called several times to check on him. That meant a lot to me and always will.

I was on a card with Bull at a northern West Virginia high school. It was a run-of-the-mill spot town. I had wrestled early and was already showered and waiting on the boys I rode with to have their matches. Bull was on near the end, and as we were sitting there talking, one of the ring crew came in carrying someone‟s ring jacket back from the ring. Bull stopped the guy and asked him if he would please lay Bull‟s stuff out in his chair when he brought it back. The guy told him he would.

That night, there were several young wrestlers on the card, some having their first matches that night. They were sitting there listening to me and Bull talk. I looked around and told all of them that they needed to make sure to find a spot and watch Bull‟s match. Bull had been around since the 80s and had worked for all the big offices. They could learn a lot from Bull.

When it came time for Bull‟s match, he and manager Scotty Ace headed to the ring. All the young wrestlers filed out to watch from the back. A couple of minutes later, the ring attendant came back in with Bull‟s leather chaps and jacket. He laid them out nice and neat as he had promised Bull he would. As soon as the man walked out, I picked Bull‟s gear up and rolled it up in a ball. I looked around and there across from Bull was one of those square bags with wheels. I walked over and dropped the jacket and chaps in there, then
took my foot and closed the bag.

Bull came back from his match, and then all the young guys came filing back in. Bull looked around for his stuff and couldn‟t find it. He got upset and said, “I asked the guy to do one thing and he can‟t get it right.” He told one of the young guys to go get the man. When they came back to the dressing room, Bull asked him about his leathers. The man told Bull that he had done just what he had asked. I spoke up and told Bull, “He did; I saw him bring it in.” Bull looked at me and said, “What did you do with my stuff?” I told him, “I don‟t have it.”

Bull was looking around trying to find it. I spoke up and said, “Come on, guys. If you have his stuff, give it back.” Everyone started speaking up, saying they didn‟t have it. I looked at Bull and said, “Hey, that means we have a thief in here,” which sent Bull into crazy-man mode.

The worst thing in a dressing room is a thief. All the boys have to trust each other with their personal and professional property in the dressing room, and if you break that trust, something bad will happen to you. Bull walked over and slammed the door and started yelling, “I‟m going through every bag in this dressing room, and God help you if you have my stuff.” I said, “Brother, you know I don‟t have it,” and I opened my bag up.

 A couple of the other guys opened theirs up. I fixed my eyes on the bag I had put the stuff in. It belonged to a young guy who might have had a total of three matches. He sat in his chair with no worries. After all, he knew he didn‟t take the stuff. He leaned down and opened his bag. He saw Bull‟s leathers and shut the bag back real fast and sat up straight. You could see the wheels rolling in his mind. What is going to happen to me? How did this stuff get in my bag?

I spoke up again and said, “Hey Bull, look at that kid. He‟s acting funny and his bag is closed.” Bull headed straight at him and started yelling at this kid like a D.I. would a new recruit. Bull opened the kid‟s bag and the kid jumped up. Bull pushed him against the lockers and told him he had had it. The kid was trying to figure a way out of this. He couldn‟t get words out, but his mouth was moving. Bull then looked at him and said, “Lighten up, kid. We are just having some fun with you.” Bull knew once I opened my mouth it was a rib. He knew once I kept on that it was my rib and I would lead him to the victim. Man, how I miss days like this.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Book and DVDs every fan needs

After you check out all the great wrestling events and area TVs make sure you scroll down and read the reviews on my book. Each book bought here comes with a DVD that follows the book over 2 hours and signed pictures of Misty and I. Please note who you want the book and pictures signed to.

Also the "Bill Dundee Memories of A Superstar" 3 disc set is getting wonderful feed back from people who have viewed it. It is the most indepth and honest "shoot style" interview you will ever see. 6 1/2 hours of great memories, matches, never told of before issues from Bill working in the office for Memphis,WCW, Mid South, and Continental Wrestling.

Special note it can take a couple to three weeks to get anything bought from this page. Everything off of this and Misty's site is handled by us. With TV editing, wrestling, Promoting, ring rentals, and many other projects we fill about 20 hours a day. Our products are worth the wait.

Buy my book now for only $30. Each booked signed by Beau and Misty James, it also comes with signed pictures of Beau and Misty, and a DVD that Follows the book

  • 3 DVDs 6 and Half Hours
    In the most in depth interview you will ever see with any Pro Wrestling Legend, fellow wrestler Beau James sits down with hero turned teacher turned friend  "Superstar" Bill Dundee. They will take you inside a career that has spanned over 40 years and across the World. From Bill's humble start in an Australian wrestling Dojo to Super-stardom in America. Find out Bills personal thoughts on wrestling greats Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, The Armstrongs, The Fullers, Bill Watts, Terry Taylor, Ole Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and many more.

    Go inside the behind the scene feuds with Nick Gulas and Randy Savage. What lead to him leaving Memphis at times. Why did the Chattanooga Territory fail in 1983? Why did Mid South Wrestling do record business under Bill's guidance? And just about anything else you ever wanted to know about The Superstar from his time in Knoxville, Continental, Central States, Florida, and the NWA (Jim Crockett Promotions).

    Bonus features - interviews and matches hand picked by Bill himself. Including a hair cut that has not been seen in over 30 years. 

    Memories of A Superstar is a Beau James Production
    copyright 2012

    $20 plus $2.50 shipping and handling 

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    Bill Dundee DVDS are here

    3 DVDs 6 and Half Hours

    In the most in depth interview you will ever see with any Pro Wrestling Legend, fellow wrestler Beau James sits down with hero turned teacher turned friend  "Superstar" Bill Dundee. They will take you inside a career that has spanned over 40 years and across the World. From Bill's humble start in an Australian wrestling Dojo to Super-stardom in America. Find out Bills personal thoughts on wrestling greats Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, The Armstrongs, The Fullers, Bill Watts, Terry Taylor, Ole Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and many more.

    Go inside the behind the scene feuds with Nick Gulas and Randy Savage. What lead to him leaving Memphis at times. Why did the Chattanooga Territory fail in 1983? Why did Mid South Wrestling do record business under Bill's guidance? And just about anything else you ever wanted to know about The Superstar from his time in Knoxville, Continental, Central States, Florida, and the NWA (Jim Crockett Promotions).

    Bonus features - interviews and matches hand picked by Bill himself. Including a hair cut that has not been seen in over 30 years. 

    Memories of A Superstar is a Beau James Production
    copyright 2012

    $20 plus $2.50 shipping and handling 

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    The book every wrestling fan needs - Buy it today

    Buy my book now for only $30. Each booked signed by Beau and Misty James, it also comes with signed pictures of Beau and Misty, and a DVD that Follows the book

    Talk Shows I have been on the last couple weeks

    This episdoe features 24 year veteran of wrestling Handsome Beau James and Beau is never for a loss or words a must listen interview like us on facebook today!!

    Beau James discusses the differences in playing wrestler and being a wrestler, how to learn the holds and take the bumps in his Summer Camp, his book "Do Ya Wanna Be a Wrestler, Kid?", kicking people out of locker rooms, upcoming projects, and how to be a Pro without working a 9-5 Job.

    Monday, January 30, 2012

    More Reviews

    Beau, just finished your book.

    It was amazing, hats off to you! The ribs had me rolling and the section about Brian Hildebrand had me watery-eyed, but when I got to the part about your Grannie, I'll admit on here, tears were rolling. (Really identified with it.) Can't wait to read the next one
    Elvis McComas - Huntington, WV
    Wow! I mean just that. What can I actually say that Beau James didn’t? I read the book from cover to cover and never wanted to put it down. Beau’s vast wealth of wrestling knowledge (dates, people and fun facts) is just impeccable, he’s like a human wrestling encyclopedia. The main focus in the book is the hot bed of Tennessee wrestling, Kingsport, TN (although he did some long road trips around the US). He was able to work with and meet some of the greatest wrestling stars living and passed. This really isn’t just a book on wrestling; it includes an in-depth look into the soul of this man and shows his love of one woman, wrestling and his trial and tribulations with faith and personal demons. I recommend that everyone should read this book at least once, it’s worth it.

    Chris L. King - Harlan, KY
    I’ve been blessed to have met and worked with Beau James since 2007 in the northeast Tennessee pro wrestling circuit. Since meeting Beau, I have been partners with him on a few occasions and I have been on the opposite side of the ring / receiving end of some hellacious beatings. I must say he is VERY knowledgeable and will help anyone who is serious about succeeding in professional wrestling. Reading his book, you will gain a first hand insight on how professional wrestler operates and memorable stories from his experience / career. If you are a die hard wrestling fan or an up and coming pro wrestler, you must read this book. I highly recommend this book to any wrestling enthusiast. I have enjoyed reading it and look forward to any other books written by Beau
    Bobo Brown - Detroit MI/ Jefferson City, TN

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler,Kid? by Beau James

    Buy my book now for only $30. Each booked signed by Beau and Misty James, it also comes with signed pictures of Beau and Misty, and a DVD that Follows the book

    Wrestling News for week of Jan. 21

    The new year has started off with a bang for Misty and I. We have already been in 6 states this year and many more to come. Last week we had a wonderful weekend. Saturday night we were in featured matches on the BIGGEST event Rogersville, TN has ever had. The PWF promised and delivered a HUGE night. I was able to walk away from Rogersville as 1/2 of the new Tag Team Champions with my cousin Josh Crawford. I'm so proud of Josh and how far he has came along just in the last year.Below is highlights of our big win thanks to Will Trotter for the video. Also you will see the night did not end so well for my family and our friend Johnny Knievel.

    Sunday Night was an emotional night for not only the James family but everyone in attandence at the last ever wrestling event at the Memorial Field House in Huntington ,WV. I want to thank Tom McKnight and all the 304 Wrestling staff for letting us be apart of the Last Stand Event. I wrestled in that building fro 20 years and have many found memories of that historic venue. Here are a few picture from Sunday thanks to the talented Susan Lively

    Thanks for checking out kingofkingsport.com this week. Check back this weekend for a new SSW Power Half Hour. Please if you have not already check out my book below on this page and take a few minutes to read the reviews. We have received 100% positive feed back from everyone who has taken the time to email us after reading the book. It has a little bit of everything in it for a wrestling fan of any age.

    You can see Misty and I in Action this week
    Saturday Night Elizabethton,TN VFW Hall for PWF
    Sunday 3 PM SMCW Arena in Waynesville, NC

    Memories of The Superstar with Bill Dundee

    It's been a busy few weeks around The Four Oaks for Misty and I. Over the Holidays we were honored to have "Superstar" Bill Dundee spend a few days with us. The three of us worked on a DVD series that will be release February 1st here one this site. Below is just a couple previews for you. It's a must see for any true wrestling fan.

    Book reviews are still coming in

    Underrated Book you should check out - Beau James book "Do Ya Want To Be A Wrestler, Kid?" First book from Southern Independent Standpoint and very well done.
    Mike Johnson pwinsider.com New York City

    Been reading Beau James book the last 3 days can't put it down... if you do wanna be a wrestler, are already a wanna be wrestler, play wrestle on the weekends, or have a chalk outline of a hand on on your back, you needa check this out. your wrestling iq will go up substanitally within 20 minutes.
    Eric Lewis - Huntington,WV

    hello mr.james just put your book down,good read.i read tons of wrestling books jerry lawler,dutch mantel,mick foley,roddy piper,ric flair,chris jericho,brock lesnar,(even golberg) and ddp, i ll put yours right there as one of my top favorites.the book was like my childhood in pages growing up in bulls gap,tn watching usa wrestling,nwa,memphis,icwa,wwf etc,i d forgot much of the history of east tennessee wrestling.i just as you went to the nwa db shows in the 80s to watch boogie,my dad one time surprised me and we got to meet boogie and greg the hammer valentine and i was speechless.every yr for my b day dad got me great american bash tickets in jc,and for a few hours i was on top of the world.In your book you talk about the geenville group and it reminded me i went to one of there shows in the early 90s dont rember a lot i think the ghostriders?and chainz?were top guys i only rember the green van sitting at ringside were seats should be?in your book you talk about apter mags,i used to go with my mom to food city on fri (cause sat was wrestling tvs)i pick out my favorite apter mag and not look at it cause i was buying it look at the other mags and get all the information i can while mom shopped.just hate wrestling today has be come sports entertainment you cant watch a show without the 1st 20 min being in ring talk.southern states,nwa smokey and saw (reno riggins nashville)are all old school wrestling like when it was popular,keep putting out good matches,tv and us old school fans will be here to enjoy.
    Chris - Bulls Gap, TN

    Beau & I both started in the business in the same time period following the death of the territories. While I'd read his name in magazines, I got to know more about him from a dear friend of both of ours, 'The Duke of New York' Al Getz. I always liked & respected Beau, & after reading his book, my admiration grew. Beau is brutally honest about his faults & failures as well as the reasons for his triumphs. Most books by indy wrestlers & promoters are as 'indyriffic' as the shows they work & run. Beau's is a chronicle of what faith & hard work can do in transforming your life. The story Beau weaves about his marriage to Misty is touching. I laughed so hard I cried about 10 times, usually while reading a Billy Joe Travis story. Reading about his lifestyle in the 90's & early 2000's made me reflect on the lifestyle that so many of my friends have struggled, some unsuccessfully, to change. Beau's philosophies on wrestling & promoting are so close to my own that I cancelled a 'shoot interview' I had planned on doing & told all my friends to read his book. Every indy wrestler or wannabe needs to read this book. It is simultaneously a celebration of a way of life & a warning to not allow that life to consume you, a lesson more people involved in wrestling (including myself) need to learn more often.

    Thomas Simpson Union,SC - Thomas is the co-founder with Matt & Jeff Hardy of OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts) & has almost 20 years of experience as a promoter and also is a College Professor at University of South Carolina Union

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    2 Big Events get the New Year Started

    The New Year kicks off for not only The James family but the stars of SSW.NWA Smoky Mountain, PWF and Stars of Wrestling this Friday night.

    This event is a big deal not only for the wrestlers but the fans as well. I started in in 2009 trying to get an event like this together. Thanksgiving 2010 SOW wrestlers were featured on a SSW event. In January 2011 I had a meeting with NWA and PWF official to bury the hatchet and work together for the sake of our profession and to give the area wrestlers more matches with quality promotions. 2011 was a great year here in the Tri Cities. 2012 is starting off with a bang and I hope that all the promoters can continue to work together. This area is special, it has a rich history of pro wrestling, top young talents and seasoned veterans. Many of the Stars here are seen on local and internet TV which has lead to them being contacted and them going to perform for promoters all over the east coast. When we go to the ring in other areas we are proud to represent  our home area. And with out our great fans here at home supporting us and talking about us on line we would not get the recognition aboard. Thank YOU!  

    Lets Not forget about PWF's New Years Bash 2012. I'm very proud of these young men who have built this promotion. At times I have been vocal in a negative way about PWF. It took them a while to grow and understand my profession. They still are learning but I have been on most of their events the last year and I have seen the heart in theses guys. I have given them a pat on the back when I felt the deserved it which has been many in these past months. I'm proud of guys like my cousin Josh Crawford, Daniel Mulligan, and Johnny Knieval to watch them grow as not only wrestlers but as men the last year. It is my honor to team with Josh on this night. And don't forget Misty will also be in action teaming with WWE Hall of Fame Member Jimmy Valiant.