S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Friday, January 29, 2016

Just Call me Archie - Remembering The Mongolian Stomper

They Called Him "THE STOMPER" For a Reason

"It's amazing all of these guys you grew up watching and I took you to see live have walked through our lives. Some like him (The Stomper) becoming friends" - my Dad to me coming back from Archie Gouldie's Funeral Service

Growing up a wrestling fan in East Tennessee I knew who The Mongolian Stomper was from birth. I hate that people now try to label anyone who was ever on TV or wrestled in the territorial days a "legend" but The Stomper truly reach legend status not just here in East Tennessee but around the world. I have a video tribute coming to this page where I do my best to cover his career. I want to take some time and share a few memories about The Stomper that I have.

The first time I ever heard the name Archie in association with The Stomper was in the late 80s in Johnson City at a Continental Card. A guy who helped us put the ring up said that The Stomper's name was "Archie Golden and he was Jimmy Golden's Dad". I asked the guy "how he new that" he said "he read it in a news letter he got in the mail". I would later on find out the first name was the only thing true about this guy's claim. 

Shortly after we started Southern States Wrestling Ron Wright suggested we book The Stomper and gave me his number. A few weeks later I had some dates I wanted to use the Stomper on and I found myself sitting there at the phone trying to figure out who do I asked for when I call? I had heard stories about if you called The Sheik up and called him by his birth name he would hang up on you but if you called back and said hey Sheik he would talk to you. 

So I make the call and on the other end of the phone was a polite hello. I asked if I could speak to Archie The Stomper please? I hear a little bit of a laugh on the other end followed by "who is this?" I told him and he said oh yeah I have heard of you and what you are doing up there. Right then I knew he had talked to Ron Wright or Rick Conners. I felt at ease. I told him I wanted to bring him in for some dates and what I wanted him to do. He looked at his book and told me he was open. I asked what he would need to come in and he asked if I could afford $100? I was surprised thinking that was a low amount. I told him yes I could pay him that. I had no idea the friendship that short call would lead to. 

The Stomper started for Southern States Wrestling a few weeks later. He went on to wrestle for us for a few years on and off. I always paid him more than he asked by the way. In the early days of S.S.W. I would ref but I was wrestling and managing other places. 

In the summer of 1993 a group of people were trying to recreate the magic of Southeastern Wrestling at the Chilhowie Park Amphitheater in Knoxville. They were calling their promotion Southeastern and running on Saturday nights out side at River-Breeze Park in East Knoxville. About three weeks in to the summer run the Stomper stared. I had wrestled in the opening match and came back toweled off (no showers) and was going to find a spot to watch the matches. During intermission I was in the dressing room and I heard The Stomper say to the match makers "let the kid go out with me". I looked up and he was pointing at me. One of the bookers asked "why?" The Stomper said "because I always had a manager and someone to talk for me". They ask "can he talk?" Stomper said "he will be fine". That was the end of that. No one argued with The Stomper.

I had sit there not saying a word. The Stomper came over to me a few minutes later and told me what he wanted he said "don't add or take away just do as I ask". The next eight weeks or so I went to the ring with him. He also watch me in the opening match. He would give me advice and help me. The Stomper never needed me. He did it to help me. I am for ever thankful to him for every word of advice. 

I would get The Stomper other bookings and he would always thank me. I have nothing but great memories of being around and working with The Stomper. The Stomper is one of the biggest draws in East Tennessee History. I have always known what he means to wrestling history. I just did not truly realize what he meant to me as a friend and teacher until last Saturday when I found out he was gone. 

The Stomper leaves behind a legendary career full of historic matches, titles, and box office records. All of that is great but it does not compare to Archie Gouldie the man. I know I'm better off for knowing him. So were many others by the large gathering at his funeral. 

Thanks for reading check out the videos of me with The Stomper below. I will be adding more to my youtube channel soon. 
Beau James
Sinner Saved by Grace, Pro Wrestler

Also check out me as a guest this week on The 6:05 Podcast with Brian Last and David Bixenspan talking about The Stomper at 605pod.com

Friday, January 15, 2016

From the Vault SSW DVD series

With Southern States Wrestling celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year. We will be releasing a series of several DVDs from our video vault. The first two DVDs are here and they cover two of my favorite times in my career. These matches are some of the bloodies and most heated of my career. They are now on sale at the left of this page. Get them now they are ready to ship.

Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid? podcast 2 this week

Henry Thomas Interviews Beau James on FM94! Evolve Program
Beau James joins long time radio man and wrestling fan Henry Thomas this week on The Evolve program it airs Sundays at 7am on Marion Virginia's FM 94 and sister station 101.1 it will replay Tues. On Emory and Henry University radio. You might know Beau James the wrestler. This interview is Beau James the person.

Thank you to FM94 for letting me up load the audio you can listen here FM 94 Special

With guest Carolina Star  Timothy Lou Retton as week talk about this young man's career
Join host Beau James with guest Carolina Star and G.O.U.G.E.Champion  Timothy Lou Retton as week talk about this young man's career. How he got started, his goals, his up and downs, and more

listen here Do Y Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid? with Gust Tim Lou Retton

This coming week I will have Matt Farmer as my guest talking about Pro Wrestling in The Pacific Northwest.

Also check out this weeks 605 Super Podcast as Brian Last talks about my first Book you can hear it here 605 Pod

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid? still getting high praise

Scroll down for more on my new book

My first book has been out for a few years now and is still selling world wide on this page and amazon. Here is some more info on it and a few reviews. The book and my other books are on sale always at the right hand side of this page.

About my first Book

Since the age of 14 Beau James has done just about everything in the world of Pro Wrestling. Starting out at the age of 14 helping promote towns, work on the ring crew, and selling merchandise. His in ring career start at 15 years old. At the age of 16 he started his own Pro Wrestling Promotion Southern States Wrestling. For the past near quarter century he has travel America living his childhood dreams.

In his new book "Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler,Kid?" you will follow his life long love affair with Pro Wrestling. Hear first hand accounts of his battles and struggles to get SSW started. The daily battles that have followed him to present a product that is as close to what he watched and followed as a kid. How older wrestlers set out to stop him. Who helped him along the way.

Get a behind the scenes look at a life of someone who wrestles for a living and how it becomes harder with each passing day. His personal thoughts of how wrestling has changed for the worse and who is to blame. It will surprise you.

His tributes to many of his heroes turned friends who are no longer with us. The dangers of traveling 120 to 200 days a year. The fun wrestlers have by pulling elaborate practical jokes on each other. And never before publicly told stories of wrestling legends Jimmy Valiant, Ricky Morton, Dr. Tom Prichard, Dutch Mantell, Buddy Landel, Ivan Koloff, Jerry Lawler, Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and many more.

Let's not forget his fairy tale love story with Misty. How her love helped change Beau many ways for the good.

The book also includes praise for Beau from WWE, TNA, and NWA stars. 348 pages that once you start reading you will not be able to put it down.

Reviews and Praise of my 1st Book

I just finished your first book and thought it was very well done. I have many books on wrestlers and I would put yours at the top. Very colorful, but also heartfelt and sincere, especially when you shared your personal struggles as a young man. Nice to read how you persevered.

As a lifelong fan of wrestling (especially in East TN), I thought you captured what it was like in the heyday and what it sounds like you have been able to keep going.
I will write you again after I finish your second book.
- Richard - Knoxville, TN

Wow! I mean just that. What can I actually say that Beau James didn't? I read the book from cover to cover and never wanted to put it down. Beau's vast wealth of wrestling knowledge (dates, people and fun facts) is just impeccable, he's like a human wrestling encyclopedia. The main focus in the book is the hot bed of Tennessee wrestling, Kingsport, TN (although he did some long road trips around the US). He was able to work with and meet some of the greatest wrestling stars living and passed. This really isn't just a book on wrestling; it includes an in-depth look into the soul of this man and shows his love of one woman, wrestling and his trial and tribulations with faith and personal demons. I recommend that everyone should read this book at least once, it's worth it.
Chris King on Amazon

I finished up Beau James' new book last night "Do you wanna be a wrestler, kid?' and I honestly have to say if you are a wrestling fan, and even if you're not - this book is OUTSTANDING. I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy and check it out. The way he weaves a story is incredible and vivid. His story is so inspirational, I won't even try to put it into words. Honestly, I had no idea how similar our backgrounds (Not in wrestling of course, but life in general.) were. Already being a big fan of Mr. James - I have developed an even bigger respect for him and his career. Thank you Mr. James for a great read and I'm looking forward to book number 2!
-James Burke - Roanoke, VA

Beau, I just finished your book. I really enjoyed it alot. It was really hard to put it down once I started reading it. You have a great gift of telling stories. I'm glad you talked about Jimmy Valiant and Ricky Morton in your book. The boogie woogie man and The Rock N Roll Express were some of my favorite wrestlers growing up and watching them on tv every week. I look forward to buying your next book. When will your second book come out?
Thank you for autographing my book and pictures. I pray that God will continue to bless you as you keep on living your dream and sharing it with others!
Your Friend in Christ
-Richard  Tarleton - Greeneville, TN

I give the book on a 1 to 5 scale 5 suplexes. I have known Beau James since he was a teenager. His story is a must read for anyone who ever had a dream. I learned so many things about him from this book. He is very open and honest about his battles and struggles. His story of overcoming so many obstacles is an inspiration. His journey to find happiness and peace could be a movie. And his love story with his beautiful wife Misty is the feel good story we all search for.
- Jimmy Valiant

Beau James explains some of the more unique stories of his time on the road as a Professional Wrestler. He explains the sacrifices he's made for his choice of profession, the scary situations, the rabid fans, and even how he met a beautiful lady who is now his wife. Any die hard wrestling fan, even one who has never been to a local match needs to read this book to understand what it takes to be a real professional wrestler. I live in Washington State, and only have the opportunity to see Beau in action a small handful of times, but I knew I needed to read this book when he told me about it. You won't be disappointed.
-Cameron Large - Milton, WA

SIR! I have just finished reading your awesome,informative & very entertaining book- Do You Wanna Be A Wrestler Kid? I HIGHLY recommend this book to any & ALL professional wrestlers. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a greenhorn.
Hoss Tull - Tacoma WA

Hey Beau,

   Finished the book and really enjoyed it and so much so that I am suggesting to Rich Tate at Ringside Rap, Mike Johnson at PW Insider, and Bryan Alvarez of Observer/Figure4  to contact you to interview on their web sites if they haven't already, and hope it helps you sell a few more books.
   Every "play wrestler" should also read the book and try to understand the business. Hope all is well with you and Misty and the best of luck. Hope to see you down the road. Take care and God bless.

Your Pal,
   Les Thatcher

hello mr.james just put your book down,good read.i read tons of wrestling books jerry lawler,dutch mantel,mick foley,roddy piper,ric flair,chris jericho,brock lesnar,(even golberg) and ddp, i ll put yours right there as one of my top favorites.the book was like my childhood in pages growing up in bulls gap,tn .   chris

Update on my book "Don't Miss This"

If you have ordered my new book you should have gotten an email explaining this but I wanted to update everyone here also. 

There was an error in the original proof of the book. I had to go back an fix it which took some time and also being in the middle of the Holiday Season it has slowed everything down. I'm days if not hours away from sending this book to press. I have extended the offer with the special DVD of the Legends of Kingsport. 

After 20 years of research, interviews, trips to places where the events took place.I'm happy to announce that we are in the final stage before press of my book "Don't Miss This - The history of Pro Wrestling in Kingsport, TN 1960-1969"


I can not tell you how many hours I have spent in local libraries, the number of questions I have asked wrestlers who were here in the 60s, or the hours I spent working on this book in my home office. The closest answer I can give you is countless.

I have to spend time cleaning up every newspaper ad you see. Coming off of microfilm and digital copies of the film left them with black dots all over them. I tried to clean them up the best that I could so you can see facial features and read the ads. I left the ads as close as possible to the size that were when they ran in the paper. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best. If I had hired a professional to do the clean up work, no one would be able to afford the book!

Before her passing in the early 2000s, Jodie Bass, the widow of famed manager Sam Bass, would come to me at Southern States Wrestling events in Kingsport from time to time. Every time she came, she would always bring one of her scrapbooks for me to look at. These were big thick books full of pictures and clippings. As you turned the pages, you would see her notes sometimes handwritten and sometimes typed notes. She made notes of when the wrestlers had passed, if they had played pro football, other names they may have used, and other things of historical significance.  

I found myself sitting in the back of the Kingsport Armory one night spending over an hour and a half looking at one book. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I have tried to re-create the look of her scrap book with this book. Jodie’s sister ended up living next to my mother. I asked her many times about the books and where they had ended up.  She could not tell me or find out. If anyone knows, please contact me. I hate to think that they are gone forever.

Below is a few pages of the book

The book includes

- Forward by Jim Cornette
- Complete history of Pro Wrestling in the Model City from Carnival At Shows to Smoky Mountain Wrestling
- The fact that Kingsport was it's own booking office separate from Knoxville
- How did Wrestling in Kingsport effect what would become Mid Atlantic Wrestling
- Dozens of rare pictures
- A Look at the arenas in The Kingsport Territory
- A Look at the Kingsport Office and what is in them now
- The weekly line ups that were printed in the papers
- The results that were printed in the papers
-Title Chnges
- Bios on stars like Ron Wright, Whitey Caldwell, Sam Steamboat, Tiny York, Cora Combs, Lou Thesz,and other
- Memories and quotes from men and women who wrestled here 
- What does a convicted murderer who died in a New Jersey prison have to do with Kingsport Wrestling?
- Why was the biggest card of the year held in the summer?
- How was Knoxville and Kingsport Wrestling different at different times of the year?
- How the biggest drawing feud in the history of this region started by accident
- The Legend of Ron Wright's Chisel
- The change in ownership 4 times in a decade. 
- Could a match here in 1966 given birth to the idea of MMA?
- What member of Japanese House of Councillors wrestled in Kingsport?
- How did the most brutal match in East Tennessee history The Chain Match get to Tennessee?
- A letter from a tag team to a famous promoter in the North trying to get booked out of Kingsport
- all of this and much more

This book will entertain and educate you. I hope it gives you a new understanding and appreciation for Pro Wrestling of this era. 

Make your order now at kingofkingsport.com for only $29.95 free shipping inside the USA - Order Now right hand side of this page. Thank You

Some of the rare pictures used in the book

POD Cast and radio programs that I"m on this week

This week's Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid? with my guest "The Duke of New York" Al Getz as we talk 90s independent wrestling vs. today

listen here Do Ya Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid? with Al Getz

I'm on this week's 605 Pod cast with David Bixenspan and Brian Last talking East Tennesse Wrestling History and Ron Wright Stories you can listen here 605pod

I'm on Terry Garvin Simms program this week also

In 2015, we lost some of the biggest stars in the wrestling business - Verne Gagne, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Nick Bockwinkle.  We also lost some top regional stars, indy wrestlers, guys who spent their careers oversees, refs, announcers, managers, and backstage crew.  All in all, over 135 people who were connected in some way to the business left us in 2015.

We take some time to remember some of them, with guests Johnny Mantel, Beau James, Del Wilkes, Joel Deaton, Scott Hudson, and Bobby Fulton.

Thanks to the Wrestling Memories Tribute Page on Facebook for their assistance in compiling the list of names, and for the montage used for the show graphic

listen here Wrestling World Domination - In Memorium 2015

Radio program out of Marion, VA
I will be on The Evolve Program this week The interview will air Sat. 7am at  on FM94! and KZ-101.1 FM also on Tuesday afternoon on WEHC 90.7 FM Emory & Henry's campus radio station.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Southern States Wrestling Classics the video vault has been opened

As Southern States Wrestling's Silver Anniversary approaches we will be sharing many videos from our past. Here is just a few videos that have been uploaded this week. Subscribe to our youtube channel at King of Kingsport on Youtube

A look at Southern States Wrestling's hottest feud in 2001 between Beau James and K.C. Thunder vs. The Batten Twins w/ Scotty Ace. Also featuring Ricky Harrison, Jimmy Valiant, Tracy Smothers, Brian Logan, Ken Bowles, and more

Southern States Wrestling Classic 8/5/93 Kingsport, TN "Billion Dollar Baby" G.Q. Strattus vs. Wayne Rogers w/ Al Bass

SSW Classic from 1993 Tag Champions The Christian Brothers vs. The Death Riders from SSW's WrestleFest '93 in Kingsport, TN

If you are in the area please come