S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Friday, January 29, 2016

Just Call me Archie - Remembering The Mongolian Stomper

They Called Him "THE STOMPER" For a Reason

"It's amazing all of these guys you grew up watching and I took you to see live have walked through our lives. Some like him (The Stomper) becoming friends" - my Dad to me coming back from Archie Gouldie's Funeral Service

Growing up a wrestling fan in East Tennessee I knew who The Mongolian Stomper was from birth. I hate that people now try to label anyone who was ever on TV or wrestled in the territorial days a "legend" but The Stomper truly reach legend status not just here in East Tennessee but around the world. I have a video tribute coming to this page where I do my best to cover his career. I want to take some time and share a few memories about The Stomper that I have.

The first time I ever heard the name Archie in association with The Stomper was in the late 80s in Johnson City at a Continental Card. A guy who helped us put the ring up said that The Stomper's name was "Archie Golden and he was Jimmy Golden's Dad". I asked the guy "how he new that" he said "he read it in a news letter he got in the mail". I would later on find out the first name was the only thing true about this guy's claim. 

Shortly after we started Southern States Wrestling Ron Wright suggested we book The Stomper and gave me his number. A few weeks later I had some dates I wanted to use the Stomper on and I found myself sitting there at the phone trying to figure out who do I asked for when I call? I had heard stories about if you called The Sheik up and called him by his birth name he would hang up on you but if you called back and said hey Sheik he would talk to you. 

So I make the call and on the other end of the phone was a polite hello. I asked if I could speak to Archie The Stomper please? I hear a little bit of a laugh on the other end followed by "who is this?" I told him and he said oh yeah I have heard of you and what you are doing up there. Right then I knew he had talked to Ron Wright or Rick Conners. I felt at ease. I told him I wanted to bring him in for some dates and what I wanted him to do. He looked at his book and told me he was open. I asked what he would need to come in and he asked if I could afford $100? I was surprised thinking that was a low amount. I told him yes I could pay him that. I had no idea the friendship that short call would lead to. 

The Stomper started for Southern States Wrestling a few weeks later. He went on to wrestle for us for a few years on and off. I always paid him more than he asked by the way. In the early days of S.S.W. I would ref but I was wrestling and managing other places. 

In the summer of 1993 a group of people were trying to recreate the magic of Southeastern Wrestling at the Chilhowie Park Amphitheater in Knoxville. They were calling their promotion Southeastern and running on Saturday nights out side at River-Breeze Park in East Knoxville. About three weeks in to the summer run the Stomper stared. I had wrestled in the opening match and came back toweled off (no showers) and was going to find a spot to watch the matches. During intermission I was in the dressing room and I heard The Stomper say to the match makers "let the kid go out with me". I looked up and he was pointing at me. One of the bookers asked "why?" The Stomper said "because I always had a manager and someone to talk for me". They ask "can he talk?" Stomper said "he will be fine". That was the end of that. No one argued with The Stomper.

I had sit there not saying a word. The Stomper came over to me a few minutes later and told me what he wanted he said "don't add or take away just do as I ask". The next eight weeks or so I went to the ring with him. He also watch me in the opening match. He would give me advice and help me. The Stomper never needed me. He did it to help me. I am for ever thankful to him for every word of advice. 

I would get The Stomper other bookings and he would always thank me. I have nothing but great memories of being around and working with The Stomper. The Stomper is one of the biggest draws in East Tennessee History. I have always known what he means to wrestling history. I just did not truly realize what he meant to me as a friend and teacher until last Saturday when I found out he was gone. 

The Stomper leaves behind a legendary career full of historic matches, titles, and box office records. All of that is great but it does not compare to Archie Gouldie the man. I know I'm better off for knowing him. So were many others by the large gathering at his funeral. 

Thanks for reading check out the videos of me with The Stomper below. I will be adding more to my youtube channel soon. 
Beau James
Sinner Saved by Grace, Pro Wrestler

Also check out me as a guest this week on The 6:05 Podcast with Brian Last and David Bixenspan talking about The Stomper at 605pod.com

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  1. My name is Danny Solos, I am a former Deputy at K.C.S.D. I worked as a D.O.I.C (called them) in the jail division as a supervisor. I'll never forget the first time I saw Archie,the buzz when he showed up,that's the 'Mongolian Stomper', no what,who ,I asked. Lol Several officers pointed him out to me then, and I was like, I remember watching him, stomp... Lol I started talking to him casually, I can't say we were great friends, but we became acquainted, I even asked him about those wrestling days at 1 point,and "if it was fake ?'. He just kind of smiled,and played it off,I'm sure he'd been asked that a million times before lol But he was a good guy,so very nice always, and always ready to talk. For some reason I couldn't sign out of my brothers tablet email and into mine,but mine is kywsc9@gmail.com , and I just wanted to share that little I was fortunate enough to get to know him at the Sheriffs Dept. R.I.P Archie, prayers and condolences to family and friends,God bless...Danny