S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Monday, October 9, 2017

Remembering Lance Russell

Like everyone who knew him or even watched him on TV hosting Memphis Wrestling. I was sad to hear the news we lost the GREATEST of ALL TIME Lance Russell this past Tues. This picture hangs in my office. It was taken in Mobile Alabama 2 years ago. Lance is holding my first book. He is one of the people that I dedicated it to. I got to tell him that day how much he meant to me. So many others in my life I didn't get that opportunity. Make sure you take the time to tell people what they mean to you.

I did a special episode of Exile on Badstreet with Kris Zellner and David Bixenspan Tuesday night about Lance you can listen by clicking the link here  Exile on Badstreet - Yello Again Everybody

As always my books are on sale right hand side of this page. If you listen to the podcast we would love to here your feed back.

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