S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Sunday, June 7, 2020

More Podcast with Me As A Guest

Here is are some recent Podcast that had me on as a Guest 

Memphis Memories with Randy Hales Episode 75

We continue the Most Memorable Moments of Studio Wrestling as we focus on Power Pro Wrestling Most Memorable Moments and the True, No-Holds Barred story of the WWE's First Developmental Territory.  Beau James talks about the wildest PPW Show ever on Labor Day Weekend 1998.  Derrick King, a PPW Mainstrean from day one joins us for three hours.   We talk Lawler. Dundee, Idol, Jackie,Brian Christopher, Jim Cornette, Freebird Michael Hayes, Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Valiant, Brandon Baxter and many more.  The most in depth coverage of PPW Ever.  Beau, Derrick and Randy do the most emotional close ever in the history of the Memphis Memories Podcast.

Shooting the Shiznit with Brian Tramel Episode 327

Beau James joins Brian Tramel for a new episode of “Shootin’ The Shiznit.” On Episode 327, Beau joins BT for the the 3rd annual “Memphis in May” series by talking about carny, growing up as a fan, getting into the business, Power Pro, payoff heat, Buddy Wayne, Jimmy Valiant, Tony Williams, Alan Steel, Derrick King, Brandon Baxter and more ! 

Exile on Badstreet #68: Memphis Mayhem 5-8/84 w/ Beau James

Kris Zellner is joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to talk about the Memphis wrestling scene during the Summer of 1984. We talk about all the Mid-South Coliseum cards during the months of May-August, as well as all the big matches and angles that took place during those months. Beau gives us the rundown on why Bart Batten had to change his name to Mark and dye his hair blonde, the real story behind Randy Savage's issues with Bill Dundee, the death of the New Fabulous Ones, King Kong Bundy breaking a ring at a spot show, and so much more.

This show—and the rest of the Memphis Mayhem series—is dedicated in the memory of Scott Bowden.

Between The Sheets Ep. #252: May 27-June 2, 1985 with Beau James

Kris & David are joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to discuss the week that was May 27-June 2, 1985. We talk about the state of the Wrestling Observer, including Dave Meltzer's thoughts on the business at the time as well as an update on how his then-shoot job was affecting his schedule. We also talk about the comings and goings in the AWA, Magnum T.A. being gifted a suit by Ric Flair on World Championship Wrestling, the Garvins heading to Montreal, Mr. Kareem Muhammad taking over over “The Jerry Lawler Show,” big time moves in Mid-South including a Superdome show with Muhammad Ali in The Snowman’s corner, World Class running in Massachusetts, Shawn Michaels coming home to San Antonio, St. Louis wrestling being in trouble, the WWF & NBC having some minor issues, and tons more. A tremendous show, so listen now!!!!

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