S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Monday, May 16, 2011

DVD Special 3 for ONLY $20 featuring Tennessee Legends

2 GREAT SETS of DVDS for only $20 a set with no shipping cost in the USA with Paypal. Outside the USA email me kingofkingsport@gmail.com for shipping fee.
Summer - Fall 2010 set with The Legends

Southern States Wrestling
Legends Night 2010
June 26 - Kingsport TN
*Jamey Gibson and Scott Roberts vs. Mike Cooper and Shane Royal
*David Lynch vs. Bobo Brown
*SSW Ladies Title Misty James vs. Jessie Belle
*Beau James vs. Eddie Golden w/ Jeff Tankersley
*Tracy Smothers and Carl Styles vs. Shanghai Pierce and Steven Stiffler
*2010 Hall of Fame
*Iron Cross and Bulldog Mac vs. Bryan Wayne and Wrecker Rollins
*SSW Title Lumberjack Match Ray Idol vs. Frank Parker w/ James McHone
Lumberjacks are Don Wright, Joey Cazana, Mac McMurray, Jimmy Valiant,and Ken Bowles

Southern States Wrestling
WrestleFest 2010
July 25 Kingsport TN
*Mike Cooper vs. Bobo Brown
*Ricky Morton and Reid Flair vs. Frank Parker and Shanghi Pierce w/ James McHone
*Bulldog Mac vs. Earl Fileds
*TV Title Bryan Wayne vs. Wrecker Rollins w/ James McHone
*SSW Champion Ray Idol has words form Frank Parker
*SSW Ladies Title Misty James vs. Violet Adams
*Mac and Iron Cross vs. Fields and Joecephus
*Dutch Mantell and Beau James vs. Eddie Golden and Jeff Tankersley
plus music video and Locker room interviews

Southern States Wrestling
Fall Spectacular
September 18 Kingsport TN
*Bobo Brown and Scott Ray vs. Mike Cooper and Mountain Goat Jack
*Wrecker Rollins vs. Jocephus
*Jamie McHone vs. Misty James
*Earl Fields and Scotty Rocker vs. Iron Cross and his Mystery Man
*Jeff Tankersley, Eddie and Jimmy Golden vs. Jerry Lawler, Ducth Mantell, and Beau James
*Frank The Tank Parker w/ James McHone vs. Ray Idol w/ Jimmy Valiant
plus interviews and 2 music videos

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