S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wrestling Arenas

In my first book "Do YA Wanna Be A Wrestler, Kid?" I wrote about some of the worst venues that I have wrestled in over the years. In my new book "It Takes All Kinds The People, Places, and Events That Make Pro Wrestling" I talk about some of those great magical arenas I have wrestled in.

Talking with Misty about all the places I have been it got me to thinking. I have wrestled in just about every kind of building good or bad you can think of. An old timer wrestler told me when I started if they can get a ring in it and sale tickets you will end up wrestling there one day.

The Lord has blessed me to able to do this for a long time. I have been in 11,000 seat Coliseum to 125 seat American Legion Halls. If I have not made it to your home town yet. I hope to before I'm done. I love wrestling in all kinds of places from Big Cities to some rural communities. I like meeting the people. It takes all kinds to make up wrestling.

Below is a few places I have been over the years. Don't forget both of my books are on sale top right hand side of my pages.

Here is Misty and I going to and from the ring at The World's Fair Park in Knoxville, TN

Here is me vs. Krunch The Equalizer in a warehouse that was turned in to a wrestling arena in Rutledge, TN

Back dropping Derick Billings in a restaurant 

A mall Parking lot in WV with Greg Valentine. Wrestling is a great way to get people to a business

Here I hip toss my opponent in a City Park during a 4th of July Festival in Ashland KY

City Parks and Rec in Princeton WV vs. Ricky Morton in a cage Super Mario special ref

vs. Billy Lit at a Community Center in Mt. Hope WV

vs. Dwayne Holiday at a Conference Center in Virginia

me and Malia Hosake doing a number on Mark Malibu in a Family Bluegrass Center in Virginia

Leavingthe ring after a tough match at The Memorial Field House in Huntington, WV

waiting on the bell to ring to battle Frank Parker in a Volunteer Fire Department here in East TN

Misty and I on the way to the ring at a High School out side of Atlanta, GA

vs. Tommy Hawk on the parade field at a Navy Base

I have wrestled in National Guard Armories in a dozen states or more. Here is me vs. Scotty McKeever at an Armory in Portland, OR

Volunteer Fire Department Bingo Hall in WV

WMC TV 5 Studio in Memphis, TN

Small American Legion Hall in rural West Virginia

VFW Hall in Tennessee me vs Cody Blade

A Commercial Building that has been turned into a wrestling arena in Tullahoma, TN vs. Nick Paradise

Civic Auditorium Kingsport, TN

Flea Market in Knoxville,TN vs. Jason Max

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