Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rare Knoxville South Eastern Wrestling DVDs Mid 70s - 81

If you grew up watching South Eastern Wrestling out of Knoxville, TN I have something very special for you. Most all the footage from this promotion was lost over time, taped over, or went up in a fire. Here is three very rare DVDs you will love.

DVD 1 - Is rare arena footage from the mid 70s shoot on film in classic arenas like the Knoxville Coliseum and Chilhowie Park featuring Ron Wright, Ron Fuller, Jack Brisco, Ronnie Garvin, Terry and Dory Funk JR, Jimmy Golden, Robert Fuller, Bob Armstrong, Dick Slater and many More.

DVD 2- Is two full Studio programs from 1981 featuring Troy T. Tyler, Ole Anderson, Jerry Stubbs, Terry Taylor, The Great Mephisto, Dutch Mantell, and many more

DVD 3 - Personality Profiles on Ronnie Garvin and The Mongolian Stomper, Studio matches from 1979 featuring Jimmy Golden, Ted Allen, Norevll Austin, David Shultz and more, Also Studio programs from 1981 fulling DVD 1 featuring Terry Taylor, The Wrestling Bear, Jerry Stubbs, Dennis Condrey, Dutch Mantell, and many more!!!

Buy all 3 DVDs on the right hand side of this page for only $20 with paypal. I will start shipping Monday August 4th. Below is pictures taken from the DVDs

Opening to SECW TV

The Great Mephisto

Stan Hanson and Les Thatcher

Dirty Dutch Mantell Tied up in The ropes

Ronnie Garvin vs. Andre The Giant

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