S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pre Order my 3rd book NOW - Don't Miss This!!! The History of Kingsport Wrestling 1960s - Free DVD with Pre Orders

Front cover of my new book

The DVD that comes with Pre Orders

After 20 years of research, interviews, trips to places where the events took place.I'm happy to announce that we are in the final stage before press of my book "Don't Miss This - The history of Pro Wrestling in Kingsport, TN 1960-1969"

The book is going to press Monday November 30, 2015. I will be taking pre orders until then. Each pre order will be signed by me and it will come with a very special DVD with rare footage of many Kingsport Legends not seen in years. After November 30th the DVD will not be offered with the book as a free gift.

The book includes

- Forward by Jim Cornette
- Complete history of Pro Wrestling in the Model City from Carnival At Shows to Smoky Mountain Wrestling
- The fact that Kingsport was it's own booking office separate from Knoxville
- How did Wrestling in Kingsport effect what would become Mid Atlantic Wrestling
- Dozens of rare pictures
- A Look at the arenas in The Kingsport Territory
- A Look at the Kingsport Office and what is in them now
- The weekly line ups that were printed in the papers
- The results that were printed in the papers
- Bios on stars like Ron Wright, Whitey Caldwell, Sam Steamboat, Tiny York, Cora Combs, Lou Thesz,and other
- Memories and quotes from men and women who wrestled here 
- What does a convicted murderer who died in a New Jersey prison have to do with Kingsport Wrestling?
- Why was the biggest card of the year held in the summer?
- How was Knoxville and Kingsport Wrestling different at different times of the year?
- How the biggest drawing feud in the history of this region started by accident
- The Legend of Ron Wright's Chisel
- The change in ownership 4 times in a decade. 
- Could a match here in 1966 given birth to the idea of MMA?
- What member of Japanese House of Councillors wrestled in Kingsport?
- How did the most brutal match in East Tennessee history The Chain Match get to Tennessee?
- A letter from a tag team to a famous promoter in the North trying to get booked out of Kingsport
- all of this and much more

This book will entertain and educate you. I hope it gives you a new understanding and appreciation for Pro Wrestling of this era. 

Make your order now at kingofkingsport.com for only $29.95 free shipping inside the USA - Order Now right hand side of this page. Thank You

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