S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Monday, December 7, 2015

Relive the Memories of just some of the rich history of East Tennessee Wrestling

After years of searching finding and saving the only footage of  Southeastern Wrestling out of Knoxville, TN. I'm happy to say that all the remaining footage has been converted to DVD. The set is now 4 DVDs with nearly 8 hours of footage from the arenas and studio.

The new DVD just added features Bobby Eaton, Dutch Mantell, Harley Race, Kevin Sullivan, and may others in footage thought to be lost for ever. Below is a highlight video of just a few minutes of the great wrestling action and interviews you will get in these 4 DVDS on sale now to the right hand side of the page for only $24.50

WAIT THERE IS MORE!!! Buy the Knoxville 4 DVD set between now and December 31 and get a very special FREE DVD of Ron Wright's All Star Wrestling

Here is a look at Ron Wright's All Star Wrestling that opened in 1979 and battled Ron Fuller's Southeastern Wrestling in a Territorial Feud over East Tennessee, East Kentucky, and South West Virginia. The TV program aired on Channel 26 in Knoxville, Channel 19 in Kingsport, and Channel 57 in Hazard. It was a short lived promotion lasting less than two years but as you see had lots of action and talent.

BUT WAIT THERE IS IS EVEN MORE!!!! - For the first time ever two great audio CDs are now available of interviews from John Cazana's Wide World of Wrestling early 1970s. Audio taped off of TV featuring Ron and Don Wright, Lou Thesz, Jimmy Kent, Steve Kovacs, Jim Lancaster, and many more! Below is just three of the many interviews that are featured on these great CDs. Buy them now on the right hand side of this page for only $12

Rare audio of The Wrights on John Cazana's Wide World of Wrestling with host Big Jim Hess

Big Jim Hess interviews Ron Wright on John Cazana's Wide Word of Wrestling Konxville, TN TV early 70s. Ron is talking about his upcoming "Wire Match" with Steve Kovacs. You also hear Promoter John Cazana

Their wrestling style, interviews and just about everything else were complete opposites but Ron Wright and Lou Thesz together was magic. Here is Jim Hess interviewing both men from John Cazana's Wide World of Wrestling Knoxville early 70

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