S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

S.S.W. 33rd Anniversary

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling News

Here is this past week's AMW TV. Make sure you subscribe to their channel so you can watch every week. The next two weeks you will not want to miss to see what happens next with me and Eddie Browning.

Here is a look at AMW from WYMT 57's Back Roads with Allison Rogers Back Roads with Allison Rogers goes to AMW

The last few weeks. Kyle Maggard, Clinton Stacey and I have been visiting schools in East Kentucky doing two different kind of assemblies. We do Reading with Wrestlers teaching the importance of literacy to the k-4 graders. Clinton and Kyle speak to the kids about why they need an education to reach their goals. Then they read them a book about bullies.

The second program we do is for the entire school as we do what is a about a 40 minute program with video and educational facts on bullying. We teach them the different kinds of bullying like physical emotional, and cyber bullying. Our goal is to educate them on how to handle bullies with out fighting them. Tell them why and show them how to tell an adult.  I then come out and bully the kids, teachers, coaches and principle.  I teach them how not to act. I show them what happens when some one stands up to a bully. We have seen results with every assembly we have done.

If you are an educator and would like more info on our programs send me a message. It also would be a great program for church youth.

Reading with Wrestlers from a Knot County Elem. School

Bully Busters I take a picture and tell them I am now talking about them on social media. Cyber bullying is a major problem with middle and high school kids. 

Reading with Wrestlers at Cordia Elem. Kids

Bully Busters at Cordia

One of the books we use to educate the smaller kids

Make plans now if you are in the Perry County Ky Area to spend Thanksgiving Night with AMW

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